AE Friends & Family: Meet the Marketing Interns

AE Friends & Family: Meet the Marketing Interns

American Eagle Outfitters welcomed 60 interns for Summer 2013. Meet nine interns currently working in Marketing! Read on to learn more about the interns and what it’s like to work at American Eagle.



Top Row (l-r): Jenny M., Cameron B., Angela I., Jules F.
Bottom Row (l-r): Sabrina Z., Megan F., Sasha D.
Not Pictured: Alice F., Kate M.


Why did you apply for an internship at American Eagle?

“For me, I had a lot of job experience with American Eagle. I worked in a store when I was in high school and I was a campus representative when I was a sophomore in college. I just wanted to grow the experience into something different and see a new angle of the company.” -Alice F.

“I am a costume designer and I was interested in learning more about the world of styling and the apparel industry.” -Sabrina Z.

“I go to the University of Pittsburgh, so we hear a lot about the company. I’m in an organization called the Fashion Business Association. Actually, it was founded by employees who work here, two girls in merchandising. Every year we have someone come and talk about the culture and company. The corporate culture sounded like a company I could see myself working at and enjoy working at. Since the first person came to talk about it I’ve had an interest in pursuing a career here.” -Megan F.

“I wanted to explore the commercial side of photography and check out how retail works because I’d never had any experience that. And I wanted to explore Pittsburgh.” -Jenny M.

“Last summer, I interned with the PR department in the NY offices and I was really impressed with the team. They were so nice and I learned a lot from them. It was a really cool first experience with an internship. I wanted to see the other side of the business and come to the corporate headquarters because we always talked about what was happening in Pittsburgh.” -Cameron B.


What did you hope to get out of this internship?

“I think I just wanted more skills in marketing. That’s something I want to go into as a career, so more background on that.” -Sasha D.

“I wanted to learn more about my own interests and explore my skills.” -Jenny M.

“I wanted to put my journalism and marketing skills to use, and social media seemed like a good fit. I didn’t know what exactly a job in social media was like, so I wanted to figure out if this was a possible career path for me.” -Angela I.



Interns Megan F., Jules F. and Sasha D. at a Pirates game.


What’s something about working at American Eagle that you didn’t expect?

“I didn’t expect the amount of time and detail that is put into every part of the business, like the signs in the store, the windows outside. Every single thing that belongs in the store has a lot of time spent on it to think through it first.” -Alice F.

“I didn’t expect getting to work with a bunch of different departments because I thought it was solely marketing, but we have touched probably every different department here.” -Sasha D.

“I didn’t expect it to be so structured. I’m glad it is. A lot of my friends who have internships in the corporate setting go in and they get their own little jobs. They don’t have classes each week touching on all the different departments and they don’t really get to meet with executives. They just kind of stay at the lower level and do their own thing.”  -Jules F.

“I was surprised by the size. For such a large company I expected there to be a larger creative department.  Just goes to show its the quality of the people, not the quantity.” -Kate M.

“I wasn’t expecting to fit so well within my team. They have made the internship experience more fulfilling than I could have ever hoped. I also didn’t anticipate the huge number of interns AE would host!” -Angela I.


AE’s headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA—what’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the city so far?

“We were supposed to go kayaking but then one of my roommates’ tires popped and we changed it right outside of PNC Park. That was a little bit of sight-seeing but not actually sight-seeing.” -Cameron B.

“I’ve really enjoyed spending time in the different areas and neighborhoods that make up the city.  There is always something new to see or check out.  Biking along the trails and river near AEO headquarters was great!” -Kate M.



Interns Christina D., Sabrina Z., Angela I., Jenny M., and Natia J. in front of the city skyline.


How do you “Live Your Life”?

“I live positively and I really believe that what you put out is what you’ll get – karma. I really like doing things for other people to make them happy. I love knowing that I put a smile on their face, which is why I make cards and why I try to be a positive influence. Find the silver lining.” –Cameron B.

“I live my life in constant motion. I’m from Colorado but I go to school in Boulder, I moved here to Pittsburgh for the summer and I’ll be moving to Florida in the fall for the Disney College Program, then back to Colorado in the spring and maybe somewhere else in the summer again before I study abroad. It’s pushing myself out of the comfort zones so that I can grow in different ways and learn more and more before I’m out of college and even after college.” -Alice F.

“I don’t know the word… I feel like I’ve morphed into enjoying being outside. I like biking and kayaking. I do whatever comes to me at the time. But what is a word for that? Being here at AE, I’ve taken it as feeling everything out and looking at the big picture.” –Jules F.

“I live my life surrounding myself with friends and family, people that I love and enjoy being around and living life day by day and not getting too worked up over things and living in the moment.” -Megan F.


What’s your favorite AE or Aerie item?

Fringe vest. I love that thing.” -Jules F.

“I love Aerie’s Lace Racerback Bralettes. They’re so comfy, and they look really cute peeking out of tanks or tees.” -Angela I.

“I like the Aerie bras because they fit me well. I just got Brooke. I really like her.” -Megan F.

“I love the Aerie scarves. I love the bold floral loop scarf. I love all of the different patterns that Aerie has.” -Alice F.



Interns Brianna S., Cameron B., and Alice F. picnicking in Pittsburgh.


What’s one aspect of Marketing that surprised you?

“We work mostly in-depth with the merchant teams, and I wasn’t expecting it. Also, I wasn’t expecting how much I was going to learn with a program called Qualtrics. I had a beginner/intermediate background with the program and now I use it on a daily basis. I’m improving that skill, challenging the skill I had a beginner level in.” -Megan F.


What’s been your favorite part of the internship?

“I think the people that I’ve met are really awesome. That’s a vague word, but there are so many really brilliant people, creative people, people that you can tell are really driven with high integrity. I love my mentor. She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. The people come from all different backgrounds. And Pittsburgh recruits from across the country, across the globe. It’s neat to hear their experiences and get a new perspective.” –Cameron B.

“I think that in the first week, when we did the community day, it was cool to see how many people work for AE. When you looked around that day, it felt like everybody got along, everyone was fun creative and enjoying themselves and each other. I feel like that’s not as common in a large corporation, that everybody would have like kind of outlook and energy.” –Jules F.


Did you receive any good advice during the internship?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You put yourself in a vulnerable position, but if you ask those questions you can learn a lot and get to know somebody better, too. In college we’re expected to get things done right then and there, and I’ve had to learn that sometimes you have to prioritize and say this is what I’m going to be able to accomplish today and the rest I’ll so first thing tomorrow.” -Cameron

“Always be accountable.” -Kate M.

“We had a class with Cathy U., the EVP-Chief Culture and Talent Officer. Her whole presentation was filled with career advice, but what stuck with me the most was that she said you won’t know what your values are until they are really tested under pressure. There will inevitably be difficult choices to make during your career and you have to make them gracefully.” -Angela I.



Interns Sasha D., Megan F., and Jules F. out for the night.


Any advice for future intern candidates?

“Be patient when you apply. Personally, I had to go through four different interviews of every different kind you can think of – video, Skype, telephone, and in-person. That was a whole semester of interviewing for a position. Sometimes they want you for a different position, it changes. Never give up even if you may not get the first one. They might call back.” -Sasha D.

“Don’t be discouraged. Be persistent, because this was my second year applying. It shows your passion and dedication to a company if you continuously try to get that position you were hoping to get.” -Alice F.

“I would say to enjoy it. Don’t be so stressed out about it. It’s an awesome internship and it’s an awesome place to be. I feel like the past six weeks have flown. It’s going to go so fast, ten weeks is not a long time. I think you should just take in as much as you can and experience everything that the company has to offer.” -Jules F.

“Look at the job postings on the site. Not all internships here are for merchandising, marketing, and planning. AE has a vast variety of positions.” -Angela I.


To learn more about American Eagle Outfitters’ internship program, please visit


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