Meet the Cast: Stevan

Meet the Cast: Stevan

Meet Stevan, a soccer player from Elkridge, Maryland and a winner of American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. Stevan is currently featured in our Spring Break 2014 campaign. Learn more about Stevan and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

You live in Elkridge, MD. What do you heart about your city?

I love the people in the area-everyone is so friendly. I also love the old buildings around it, abandoned ones are fun to go around and roam in but there are a lot that are still in use and they look so beautiful and pristine.

What are you most excited for about the Miami shoot?

I was most excited for doing something professional, the new experience and getting to travel to a new area in the world.


You enjoy soccer, that position do you play?

I play striker or center mid, always on the attack, trying to either make the play happen or finish it with a goal.

Who inspires you to play soccer?

My whole family inspires me because we all play whether it be together on a team, coaching or cheering each other on. It’s something we all have in common and can share together.

Have you ever been to a world cup?

No, I haven’t, but it’s one of my biggest goals in life to attend.

Who is your favorite soccer player?

My favorite player was David Beckham until he retired but now it’s either Daniel Sturridge or Frank Lampard.

Who is your favorite soccer team?

My favorite soccer team is Chelsea in the EPL.

What does it take to be a great soccer player?

To be a great soccer player you have to have determination and the will to do whatever the team needs to succeed, as well as good team work and chemistry.

What other activities inspire you?

I love to be active on a board, no matter where it is: in the snow, in the water, on the streets-I feel at home when I’m on my board.

What did you think of Wynwood Walls?

I thought that the Wynwood Walls were so creative and unique, not to mention beautiful with the terrific colors and designs.

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