Meet the Cast: Chyanne

Meet the Cast: Chyanne

Meet Chyanne, a skateboarder, swimmer and soccer player from Port St. Lucie, Florida. We asked Chyanne a few questions to get to know her better. Read on to learn more about Chyanne and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and check out her Pinterest board!

How old were you when you started skateboarding?


Who inspired you to start skateboarding?

A few friends got me into it.

Are there any pro skateboarders you admire?

Bob Burniquest is really awesome.

As you’ve mentioned, skateboarding is a male-dominated sport. Do you feel like there are any gender barriers or stereotypes you are faced with that you have had to overcome?

At first yes, but all the guys around Florida have been nice and positive when they see me skate.

What are your methods for overcoming these stereortypes?

Never giving up.

You seem to be a girl who stands up for what she believes in. What advice do you have for girls (and guys) who are suffering from insecurity?

Be yourself no matter what. Make friends who like you for who you are. Focus on what you like about yourself and not what you dislike about yourself.


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