Meet the Cast: Ronnie

Meet the Cast: Ronnie

Meet Ronnie, a student athlete from Atlanta, Georgia. Ronnie’s sport of choice is basketball and he has been playing competitively since he was twelve, but he also runs track. Ronnie is a hard worker and basketball is an way for him to constantly strive to  improve and refine his game. “I think if you give 100% in terms of effort, if you come short you can’t really be mad at yourself or the other team if everyone puts in their complete effort.”

At school, Ronnie loves journalism and math. He hopes to attend the University of Miami next year to study Engineering. He fulfills his passion for writing by working on the school paper and taking on more challenging or controversial topics that other students shy away from.

Ronnie’s style staples include tank tops, snapbacks, and colored shorts. His personal style matches his personality – cool and chill. His style icon is Derrick Rose whom he easily relates to because they both play basketball. Hot and steamy Atlanta also influences Ronnie’s style with more “summery” pieces. Ronnie mixes his favorite AE Shorts in blue or black with bright colored tanks and snapbacks.

Check out what Ronnie brought to Los Angeles for our Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know him and see what he can’t live a day without.

RONNIE student athlete atlanta georgia american eagle outfitters spring 2013

Take a peek inside Ronnie’s suitcase.

“My phone and iPod are necessities. Gotta have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on hand at all times and without my hip hop and dubstep music, I don’t know how I would survive. The stereo represents the party/dance scene that has played a role in my life. Snapback hats are part of my personal style. They keep my head warm in addition to adding a smooth look to whatever outfit I’m wearing. Whether it’s for academics, athletics, or entertainment, these items that I use on a daily basis tell who I am.”

Follow Ronnie:

Twitter: @ronniegetsreal

Instagram: @ronniegetsreal

Check out Ronnie’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Artist: Ghost Beach

Song: Miracle

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