Meet the Cast: Jarett

Meet the Cast: Jarett

Jarett is a surfer, photographer, and motocross racer from Tillamook, Oregon but recently moved to Hollywood, CA for a change of pace. Tillamook is a small town with a population of 4,000 people, a fraction of LA’s almost 4 million. He’s living in a house with a few friends from home and fellow Live Your Life winner George… and the motorcycle he bought himself for Christmas.

Jarett's new bike. Photograph from his Instagram account.

Jarett’s new bike. Photograph from his Instagram account.

Jarett lives his life to the fullest, moment by moment. He has a natural energy that is not only seen in his hobbies but in his passion for life. Jarett has been racing motorcycles since he was four and surfing for the past two years. He has always loved building things and working with his hands, making fixing up motorcycles  or tuning his surfboard the perfect way to spend his time.

In Oregon, Jarett also had his own business photographing weddings, families, and senior photos. While on set, Jarett picked up tips from our photographers and even got behind the lens himself a few times. At home, Jarett uses GoPro Cams attached to his surfboard, bikes, and skateboards to get the perfect action shot.

Jarett’s style is influenced by the weather and sports a classic surfer cool look. He lives in straight fit jeans, bright colored t-shirts, board shorts, and wayfarers. How does he take what we make and make it his own? “Just do what I love while rocking my look.”

Check out what Jarett brought to Los Angeles for our Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know him and see what he can’t live a day without.

JARETT juarez american eagle outfitters spring 2013 pack light live your life

Take a peek inside Jarett’s suitcase.

“The longboard represents my desire to surf even when I’m on solid ground. I always have headphones  because music is a very important part of my life, so much can be spoken through music. I played baseball in high school and  for a co-ed team in the summers growing up, so the bat and glove represent my athleticism and childhood memories. I included the tools because I do my own work on my motorcycles and I love to work with my hands.”

Follow Jarett:

Twitter: @jarettjuarez

Instagram: @jarettjuarez22

Check out Jarett’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Song Artist: Walter Meego

Song Title: Starlight

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