AE Real Pets: Meet Juno

AE Real Pets: Meet Juno

Meet Juno, a Husky/Malamute from Redding, CA featured on our Holiday 2012 gift cards.


Three, but I am 21 in dog years.

Biggest human peeve?

When they brush me. It’s the worst.

Milk bones or real bones?

Real. I spit out milk bones.

Walk in the park or swimming in a lake?

A run in the snow! But I usually have to settle for walks…

Juno a malamute husky from Redding California featured on American Eagle Outfitters Holiday 2012 gift cards

Tired after a long day of playing in the snow.

What’s your favorite thing to do when your human’s away?

Dig holes in the backyard!

 Do you do any tricks?

Speaking! My mum says I’m sassy.

What’s your favorite thing about your human?

They take me running!

 What’s your favorite game to play with your human?

When they chase me in the backyard.

Can you really “teach an old dog new tricks?”

Only bad habits.



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