Solid Game Day Looks from Tailgate and AE

Could there be a better game day combo than American Eagle jeans and Tailgate graphic tees? We think not. With colorful designs that rep your favorite MLB and college teams, these graphic t-shirts put a fresh, sporty spin on your go-to jeans and t-shirt outfits.



Bold MLB Graphic Tees

Rep your favorite baseball team into the post-season with Tailgate’s MLB t-shirts and tops. Break one out whenever you’re in the mood to celebrate your team – whether they’ve acquired a new player, made a great play, or won that playoff game.

Tailgate MLB T-Shirt

When temps cool at the ball park, go for laid-back vibes with hoodies and long-sleeve tees (we’re repping the Phillies here!) paired with medium wash skinny jeans and knit runner sneakers. Or support your hometown team in an Atlanta Braves t-shirt worn with ripped Mom jeans and a pair of heeled booties for a look you can take from class to the big game.

AE Mom Jeans & Tailgate MLB T-Shirt

Game Day Worthy College T-Shirts

Ready or not, college is back in session. Don’t worry, though, it’s not all about taking notes and acing exams. It’s also time for college football season – and there’s no better way to support your team than Tailgate college t-shirts.

Tailgate College T-Shirts

Show your love for your hometown team or school with tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts paired with sneakers and this season’s must-have jeans – AirFlex jeans and original straight jeans for guys and high-waisted jeggings and Curvy jeans for girls. We’ve got tons of tops to show off your school spirit, including Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Wisconsin gear.

Tailgate Graphics

Graphics for Everyday

Not super into sports? No biggie. Tailgate graphic tees have something for everyone with graphic collections like National Park tees, band tees, vintage Americana t-shirts, and pop culture shirts. Stay true to you and rep your favorite things with Tailgate.



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Get ready for a casual day out with dancer and #AExME cast member Brynda, who you can see making moves in our Fall 2019 campaign. She’s all about stretchy, comfy Curvy Mom jeans she can kick ball change and grand plié in – especially when pairing them with an AE lace-trimmed cheetah print tank and her favorite strappy black heels.





We believe great style is created with sustainability at its core. Which is why we’re taking your feedback seriously, and taking steps to build a better future through better manufacturing processes.

We’ve previously shared our commitment to sustainability, how our shopping bags using 75% recycled materials are already making a difference, and how we’re working to eliminate sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

Today, we want to share what we’re doing to save water, and how YOU can help.


What We’re Doing

Water is a finite resource. Around the world, billions of people are living without safe water, so every drop of H2O truly matters.


This is why we’re working with our fabric mills and denim laundries to come up with innovative ways to make the jeans you know and love, while also cutting back on water usage.




Many of our partners have started using improved technology that decreases water needed for processing by as much as 90%. Decreasing water for production also significantly decreases any chemicals needed for processing.



It’s not just about reducing, though. It’s also about reusing and recycling. Which is why the mills and laundries we work with have started recycling their used water – so it can be fully reused for manufacturing!


What You Can Do

Did you know that customer use accounts for the most water usage after cotton manufacturing? That means you have the power to reduce the water impact of your jeans. Here’s how:


Wash your jeans only when needed. There’s no need to wash them with every wear! Or two. Or three. We swear. You can spot-clean them between washes and, shhh, no one will know.

When you do wash your jeans, wash them on cold. It’s better for your jeans and the planet.



Hang your jeans to dry rather than using the dryer. You’ll save energy by air-drying them, plus reduce wrinkles and extend your jeans’ life.



We know we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to sustainable practices, but we’re committed to doing what we can to reduce and reuse water, and hope you are, too. We are ALL connected by the water we use and the jeans we love. The only way forward is together.



Your Guide to Pulling off Fall Prints Like A Pro

Step away from the sun-kissed styles of summer and into the statement-making prints of fall. Bold, colorful prints are big this season – and for good reason. Read on for an intro to the latest and greatest prints – and what to wear with them.


Falling for Fall Prints

Prints like plaid, argyle, and houndstooth were made for this time of year and you’ll find them all over styles like high-waisted jeggings, skirts, tapered pants, and leggings this season.

AE High-Waisted Jegging

Smarten up your look with plaid jeggings and pair with a crewneck sweater in solid colors for a retro collegiate look, or ease into the printed life by pairing your fave jeans with a houndstooth print t-shirt.


Go Wild with Animal Prints

In case you haven’t heard, animal prints are back. Like… really, REALLY back. And this time around, they’re basically the new neutral – meaning you can literally swap them out for solids – so this is the trend to really GO FOR IT with. Mix fierce prints like leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin into your go-to fall basics, from tops, pants, and skirts to shoes and leggings.

AE Animal Print

Try high-waisted jeggings in a bold leopard print with a plush crew neck sweater – or mix patterns and pair them a printed sweatshirt. Cozy up to your wild side with animal print legging and a super-soft, oversized fleece hoodie. The options are ENDLESS.


Seeing Stripes

Go beyond the expected this season with rugby stripes, chunky stripes, pinstripes, and more fun takes on the classic print.

AE Stripe Tops

For a pop that won’t overwhelm your outfit, try a fleece sweatshirt with a chest stripe. Or go all out with a busier pinstripe jegging paired with a super soft sweater.


Tied Up in Tie Dye

Tie-dye might seem like a summer-only print, but in more subdued hues, it instantly becomes an irresistible addition to your fall wardrobe.

AE Tie Dye Top

Another way to translate this warmer-weather print for fall?? Layers! A tie-dye t-shirt under a denim jacket creates a grunge-inspired edge, or go for more of a sporty lounge look by pairing a tie-dye hoodie with a leggings or yoga pants in a colorful print.



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All across the country, young people like you are standing up for what’s important. Inspired by the launch of the AExME Council, we turned to our amazing team of store managers, stylists, and associates to learn more about some of the issues affecting their communities and the causes they’re passionate about

Meet Hannah from store #0392 in Towson, MD. She’s a 21-year-old body positivity activist who’s passionate about reducing mental health stigma and preventing suicide.

An eating disorder survivor, Hannah participates in National Eating Disorders Association walks with her AE coworkers – they’ve even taken home a top fundraising team award! – as well as American Foundation for Suicide Prevention walks. She believes in the power of being open and honest, and having conversations about the hard stuff… even or especially if they’re uncomfortable.

AE Associate Hannah

Q: How do you express your thoughts and beliefs?

A: I have always believed in being open and honest. While I was in the deepest part of my eating disorder, I kept so many secrets about what I did and why I did it. Through my recovery, I have become so much more open about my life in general and how I feel about the world. I’m always willing to listen to the beliefs of others and try to go in with an open mind when I meet new people and hear other points of view.

Q: What does AExME mean to you?

A: AExME means that I can be whoever I want to be and create my style to be something that I feel comfortable and confident in! Since my heart belongs to Aerie, I’ll say what #AerieREAL means to me, too! The entire concept of #AerieREAL reminds me that everything that has happened in my life has made me who I am, and that I am allowed to embrace that! #AerieREAL has helped me to embrace my quirks, wild mane of hair, mistakes, crazy laugh, journey with an eating disorder, and so, so much more.

Q: What’s a quote that inspires you?

A: I absolutely could not decide between these two, so here are two quotes I love: “You cannot change the world on an empty stomach,” as well as one that’s actually in our fitting rooms: “There is nothing more beautiful than a happy soul.” I love this one because I have always had a distorted view of what beauty is and how it should function in my life. I have learned over the years that it is my happiness and the way I serve others that makes me beautiful.

AE Associate Hannah

Fill in the Blanks

The future is uplifting!

The best thing about my community is the love & support I experience on a daily basis.

More acceptance would make the world a better place.

I believe in the pursuit of happiness.

My mom is my personal superhero.

If I could change one thing about the world today, it would be the stigma surrounding mental health.




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AE Style Drop