We’ve partnered with Crisis Text Line to bring you the message below for World Mental Health Day.

Empathy is what connects us. It’s what allows us to see the humanity in the people around us, and gives context to their emotions. And yet so many people who are so eager to extend empathy to their loved ones still struggle to feel that same love and empathy for themselves. Between a nonstop news cycle and a global pandemic, it’s all too easy to take your anxiety, unhappiness, or fear and turn those emotions into critical, negative self-talk, and to minimize your own emotions or experiences. It’s World Mental Health Day. And, now more than ever, it’s important to extend the same empathy you show to others to yourself, too. Even though it’s hard, practicing empathy towards yourself, especially in times like these, can make life feel a little less overwhelming, and problems feel a little less catastrophic.

Ultimately, grant yourself the understanding that you are human. Things are tough right now. And, you’re tough too. You’re doing the best you can.

Here are a few ways to show yourself some empathy:

Take a break to take care of your body. This could mean anything from going on a bike ride, eating a snack, meditating, or grabbing a nap. Honor what your body is asking for without judgement.

Connect with others. No, not by scrolling through Instagram in bed late at night…Instead, try calling your friends, siblings, or parents. Even better, call your grandparents. They’ll be so excited to hear from you.

Find a way to serve others. Run errands, rake leaves, or shovel snow for your neighbors. Reach out to friends who seem distant or disconnected. If you’re not sure what to say, try showing empathy on the internet by sharing 741741 on social media and making sure people know they can reach out to Crisis Text Line if they need to talk.

Walk away from the news for a bit, especially on social media. Remember that it is not selfish to disconnect for your health. 

Take time to unwind. Especially while school and work are happening at home, don’t allow your day to day obligations to prevent you from taking the time relaxing hobbies and interests that you deserve to enjoy.

AE is proud to partner with Crisis Text Line.

We’re donating 100% of the purchase price from our limited-edition graphic tees to the organization.

If you or someone you know is struggling to treat themselves with empathy and grace, consider sharing Crisis Text Line as a resource to help.

Text EAGLE to 741741 to connect to a Crisis Counselor for free, 24/7.

Follow @crisistextline on Instagram to stay connected and get daily self-care reminders.

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