Behind the Scenes of the New Campaign

Meet the cast that made our most unique campaign yet a reality. Directed virtually from their own homes, they styled their own looks, took their own photos, and met the challenge of our first-ever socially distanced shoot with an enthusiasm that we hope inspires you to show up to every moment feeling like your best, most comfortable self – virtual, IRL, and otherwise.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is the second-most followed person on TikTok with more than 2.8 billion likes and 20 million followers. She’s collaborated on YouTube with celebs like Karlie Kloss and Jason Derulo, and has been featured in Vogue, the New York Times, and the Hollywood Reporter.


Born and raised in Japan, Sumi’s moves have landed her in the top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance”  in 2019, and now in the latest #AExME campaign. She says it was “an honor” to be part of the campaign, and that she learned so much by doing her own hair and makeup, outfit styling, and taking her own photos for the shoot. Check out her looks below!


Jevohn grew up in Seattle with five siblings (he’s the middle kid!), and now lives in L.A. A trained ballroom dancer, he also loves hip hop and contemporary dance, and even got a dance scholarship to attend college in Utah. He describes being part of #AExME as “a dream come true” and shooting this campaign in his own home, styling his own looks, as “a little different than expected” but “overall much more fun.”


The only girl in a family of five kids, Irene grew up in L.A. doing theater and dance, and has no plans to ever leave the SoCal sunshine. Her take on being part of the latest #AExME campaign? “Getting to dance around my bedroom and call it work… it’s what I would call the best working-from-home scenario.”


A college student, dancer, and graphic designer, Donyea was born and raised in Mesa, AZ by a single mother. No matter what she’s doing – serving in student government, graduating from high school a year early, or participating in the latest #AExME campaign – Donyea aims to “inspire people that no matter what your background is or where you are from, you can become whoever you want to be.”


Hannah grew up in Northern California and has practically lived and breathed dancing her whole life. She moved to L.A. a few years ago to follow her dreams of dancing professionally and has never looked back. She describes being part of the latest #AExME campaign is “an extension of a forever dream come true.”


A hip hop dancer, athlete, and self-taught DJ, Makayla is a strong believer in self-love, overcoming self-doubt, and in the fact that everyone deserves a seat at the table. Being part of #AExME is “an opportunity to break through barriers,” she says… All part of her goal to spread empowerment, love, and light to all! 

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