Our new routines might be different than what we’re used to (waaaay more time cuddling with our pets, for one), but sticking around the house doesn’t have to mean laying on the sofa 24/7. We checked in with a few AE associates to see how they’re staying motivated to stay active at home!

Kalie Williams

Associate Merchant, Women’s Shorts

“Consistency has been key for me! Yoga is my workout of choice and sometimes that is an hour and a half a day and sometimes that is 20 minutes a day and that is okay. Either way it is time for me to move and breathe and get in touch with my body and mind!”

Andy Dodds

Product Manager

“I’ve had to find creative ways to stay in shape while my climbing gym is closed. Looking forward to getting back on the wall, but for now my fire escape will do!”

Erin Smith

Merchandise Manager, Women’s Jeans & Pants

“I’ve been working out at home with the One Peloton app! Even if you don’t have a bike, the app has tons of great workouts that don’t require equipment and are easy to do at home (even if you live in a small apartment like me).”

Ashley Dominick

Senior Copywriter

“As much as I’d like to pretend I’m the super self-motivated, ‘I’m gonna work out just as hard whether I’m alone or in a group’ type, the reality is that I’m just… not. So, for me, working out together – whether that’s IRL with my boyfriend or virtually through a livestream class – is a good way to hold myself accountable and keep up the routine.”

Peter Sorek,

Senior Coordinator, Brand Activation

“There’s a lot of visibility to pro athletes or fitness gurus in the media, especially online. This can put a lot of pressure on a person to feel like they have to be a certain way if they want to work out. Everybody starts somewhere! Whether it’s picking up a sport you haven’t played in a while or just going for a walk, investing in yourself always pays off. The best advice I can give is to find a workout that works for you. Personally, I can’t stand running, but I know people who swear by it. There’s loads of different things to try. If you find it hard to keep to a routine, change it up! It may sound crazy, but sooner or later you’ll find something that you LOOK FORWARD to doing. My kettle bell ended up being the perfect thing to help stay active while staying indoors. I found a good full body workout online, which I do three times a week. Sometimes I break up the workout and do it throughout the day so that I don’t have to carve out time just for exercise. Being active has been great for relieving stress and helps me get a good night’s sleep.”

Sangam Soi

Merchandise Manager, Men’s Jeans & Pants

“As I am a huge fan of group classes, I have found taking ‘live’ classes helps to recreate a sense of community while at home. I’ve made @heyitsme_cg’s 6:30 p.m. Insta-live cardio yoga flow a part of my quarantine Monday night routine!”

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