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Wanna be TikTok famous? Of course you do – and this juuust might be your chance, ’cause we’re teaming up with TikTok star (and #AExME cast member!) Addison Rae for the #InMyAEJeans challenge!

How to Enter

► To join the #InMyAEJeans challenge, all you need to do is create an original TikTok that you want to see Addison duet with. 

► Show us your best dance moves, transitions, comedy chops, hidden talents – anything that would make for an awesome duet (bonus points if you do it in your favorite jeans).

► Upload your TikTok between now and August 8th, and we’ll narrow it down to up to 20 finalists based on creativity, engagement rate, and more.

► From there, we’ll open it up to a vote and the winner will be featured in a duet post on Addison’s TikTok and Instagram! 

What’s a TikTok Duet?

If you’re not up on your TiKTok lingo, a “duet” is when someone places their own video side-by-side with yours so that they can be watched simultaneously. So, if you uploaded a dance, someone could “duet” with you by learning and performing your dance, or it could be someone reacting to one of your videos or interacting with it in some way. The options are endless, really.

A few things to keep in mind:

► Be sure to include #InMyAEJeans and #AEContest in your caption and tag @americaneagle.

► Use the #InMyAEJeans song in your video (you can find it in TikTok’s music library!).

► Your TikTok must be public with the duet feature enabled.

► You must have fewer than one million followers at the time of selection.

► If your TikTok features a non-original dance, credit the original creator in the caption.

► You must follow @americaneagle on TikTok (we’ll need to DM you if you’re a finalist!)

► View full contest rules here.

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