Digital Detox: Running With Laura

Less screen time. More you time. We asked some of the Aerie girls at our HQ how they work a digital detox into their lives to balance between REAL life and likes.

Aerie Copywriter, Laura, puts her running shoes on to recharge: “Running is my ME time. I don’t take anything with me, I don’t time myself, I don’t listen to music… it’s the one part of my day where I disconnect from screens and everything that fills my head. And I think because it’s the one thing I do that’s just me, it’s also the one thing that’s always guaranteed to make me feel better. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, it’s the reset button.”

Digital Detox: Running With Laura


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How do you take a digital detox? Comment below & tell us!




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New Year, New You

It’s a new year.  Aerie girl The Cake by Hannah  plans to master baking. What will you do with it?

New Year, New You “I am rocking my favorite Aerie sweater and satin pants with this awesome bralette to kick off my year at mastering baking. Nothing gets me motivated like a good pair of panties (to each her own, right?!) This bralette really does make me feel sassy and on top of the world. These pants are so cozy, and you can wear any of these items for lounging straight to the street. These are the best kind of items to purchase for your wardrobe- versatile, cute, and #AerieREAL.”

New Year, New You Shop Hannah’s Outfit: Braid Back Sweater | Basket Weave Lace Scoop Bralette | Rise & Shine Satin PJ Pant

New Year, New You New Year, New You New Year, New You Photos by: @cottonwoodroadphotography

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On track and on trend for the new year! Our stylist’s outfit of the week is all about our-must have new track pants and jackets. Add them to your wardrobe and your off-duty looks will be set with stripes, zippers and satiny shine.


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Start with what’s most important: our navy Track Jacket and Track Pant set. Then keep the sporty theme going with your layers underneath. Wear our Boy Bralette inspired by your fave boyfriend style under our easy Hi-Neck Graphic Tank. Finish your look with your go-to sneaks and you’re officially on track for the best 2017.

Meet Erin, Aerie Stylist

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Digital Detox: Swimming With Haleigh

Real life > likes. Time for a digital detox.

With a new year just around the corner, we’re working on finding a better balance between screen time and real time. A digital detox isn’t about throwing your phone away, it’s about making sure you’re focusing more on REAL life and less on all the texts, emails and Insta posts that can get in the way.

We asked some of the Aerie girls at our HQ how they work a digital detox into their lives. First up is Social Media Community Manager, Haleigh, who heads to the pool: “Disconnecting is hard, but swimming is the one thing that forces me to do so. It’s the one time I am happy my phone isn’t waterproof. In the water you’re only connected to your thoughts – that alone is reason for me to just keep swimming.”


Shop Haleigh’s look: Chill Jogger | Cold Shoulder Tunic Top | One Piece Cutout Swim Suit | Que Waterbottle | Chronicle Books Joy of Swimming | AEO Thong Flip Flop

No matter how hard it can be to get motivated, Haleigh knows swimming always helps to clear her mind: “I have never felt bad after a good swim. I grew up on the river, so the pool just feels like home to me.  Even the worst day in the water is better than a good day on land.”

What’s your favorite way to digitally detox? Comment below and tell us!


Post-Christmas. Pre-New Years. Detox with a workout this week before you retox with party time on Saturday!

ERIN'S OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: DETOX BEFORE YOU RETOXShop Erin’s Look: Lace-Up Crew Sweatshirt | Hi-Neck Graphic Tank | Move 7/8 Legging + Mesh | Sunnie Twist Back Play Sports Bra | Grip Ankles Socks

Whether you’re sweating out 2016 or lounging your way into the new year, Chill. Play. Move. is here for you. Start with Real Soft®: Sunnie is now a sports bra! Wear our new Sunnie Twist Back Play Sports Bra under some inspiration with our Hi-Neck Graphic Tank. Cozy up with our Lace-Up Crew Sweatshirt, then add more blues on the bottom with our Move 7/8 Legging + Mesh and Grip Ankles Socks. Happy everything!


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Happy Holidays: Unlock our exclusive Snapcode

Calling all Snapchat fans – it’s time to get your selfie game on. Unlock our snap code and show us & your friends how you’re spending the holidays!

Not sure how to unlock & use the code? See our step-by-step instructions below:

How To Get the Snapchat Filter:

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Open the camera and snap a picture of the snapcode found below.
  • A “New Filter Found” notification should appear (expires after one hour).

How To Use the AEO Snapchat Filter:

  • Open your Snapchat camera and take a picture.
  • Swipe left to add a filter.
  • Keep swiping until you see the Holiday filter.