AEO Friends and Family: Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair

In case you hadn’t guessed it yet, we’ve been blogger-crushing on Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair for years. We were so thrilled we had the chance to partner with her for spring break and feature her favorite pieces from our latest collection in a shop on Read on to learn more about the girl behind the blog!

cara mcleay a fashion love affair american eagle outfitters spring 2014

Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair.

When did you discover your interest in fashion and writing?
I have always loved fashion for as long as I can remember and I really got into writing and reading in high school, and then went onto study English in University.

What prompted you to start A Fashion Love Affair?
I started A Fashion Love Affair to share my daily inspiration and love of fashion and style. I had no idea what an amazing community I would find–it is so much fun to connect with people who share your same passion!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Blogging offers so many amazing experiences and opportunities–but my favourite thing by far is the people it allows me to meet.

cara mcleay a fashion love affair american eagle outfitters spring 2014

Cara in Florence.

What are you doing when you’re not blogging?
I love being outside so I try to spend as much time as I can walking my dog, swimming, hiking and running. I also love to travel and am always planning my next trip.

What is your favorite fit of AEO denim?
The Tomboy Jean. I love dressing them up with heels or looking casual with a t-shirt and flats. I am a big fan of the boy-meets-girl look.

What trends from AEO do you love most for Spring?
Floral prints.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Traveling, Pinterest, music, movies, magazines–and everywhere in between!

What is the last song you listened to?
Drunk in Love by Beyonce–on repeat!

Where is the coolest place you have ever traveled?
I try to travel as much as possible so have been lucky enough to see some pretty amazing things! I think the coolest places have been South Africa, Vietnam and Turkey.

cara mcleay a fashion love affair american eagle outfitters spring 2014

Cara in Hawaii.

What fashion trend do you hope to never see again?
Wedge sneakers & Uggs!

What fashion trend do you hope comes back in style?
Off the shoulder tops! I was a big fan of the Flashdance off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

Tell us a few fun facts about you.
I have a 7 year old beagle named Gus
I have a Bacherlor’s Degree in Women’s Studies.
My favorite fruit is pineapple.

cara mcleay a fashion love affair american eagle outfitters spring 2014

Cara with her beagle, Gus.

What’s next on your life to-do list?
More traveling! I really wanted to visit Peru and climb Machu Picchu.

Follow Cara:

Blog: A Fashion Love Affair

Twitter: @carajourdan

Instagram: @carajourdan


As part of Alternative Spring Break 2014, American Eagle Outfitters has teamed up with the Student Conservation Association to beautify and clean up urban parks throughout the country as part of Alternative Spring Break. We’ll bring you the story of each location throughout April. Join the movement this Spring Break and don’t just go somewhere, do something! Read on to learn more about our San Francisco project from Jean, an SCA team member.

Our volunteers arrived in droves to Golden Gate Park starting at 10am on Day One. I had nonstop registration traffic for about an hour! I loved the energy and excitement of all the volunteers. Once we did a quick introduction, we all headed out to different projects including building planter boxes, painting, cleaning around the building, planting, mulching, and weeding.

SCA Leader Teamer Marvin V. preps planter boxes.

SCA Leader Teamer Marvin V. preps planter boxes.

I took a deep breath, drink of water and led 25 volunteers into Golden Gate Park to work near Alvord Lake, spreading mulch and weeding planters along the bike path. Immediately, visitors to the park began thanking us as we worked. One man said the mulch was especially needed because “it’s gotten so dusty around these trees. It used to be so pretty. This will be great!” We even got a few thumbs up from people on tour buses as they yelled “thank you!” to us.

Right before lunch, we regrouped with everyone involved in the project and heard from some speakers. They did a great job motivating us and articulating the importance of not only conservation work, but urban conservation. Phil Ginsberg, the General Manager of San Francisco Recreation and Parks, was especially inspiring. He spoke of the need to protect urban greenspaces, to help the environment and give people a connection to nature within cities.

Christopher C. speaking on the history of Golden Gate Park.

Christopher C. speaking on the history of Golden Gate Park.

Throughout the week, we forged ahead with our projects, completing them with enthusiasm. I spoke with an SCA alum, Amanda Botsford, who said she came out to the event because she remembered how transformative her SCA experience was and she wanted to reconnect with SCA.

Working on the mural.

Working on the mural.

Throughout  the week,  I was so impressed to see volunteers working past 4pm to ensure everything was completed on time. The SCA members from Oakland and Menlo Park were a huge help cleaning up once we completed our work. It was awesome to see them in action! They embodied the spirit of volunteerism, and reminded me why I love working with SCA members.

The project was an incredible success. The park looks better than ever and we left our stamp with the colorful mural created by Chor Boogie.

Volunteers in front of the completed mural.

Volunteers in front of the completed mural.

Keep checking back for coverage of our clean up and art installations this Spring Break in New Orleans, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Follow the SCA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and go to to donate.

Meet the Cast: Matty


Meet Matty, an aspiring chef from Bend, Oregon and winner of American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. We had the chance to learn more about Matty — read on to learn why she loves to cook and what her specialty dish is.

You’re originally from Dalles, OR and now live in Bend, OR. What do you heart about those cities?
The things I heart about Dalles is that most of my family lives there and it is a place I can always run away to if needed. I heart everything about Bend! Bend, Oregon will forever have my heart. From the breath-taking scenery, to the kindest people you’ll ever met, and the small town feel… I love it all!

You love to cook. What is your specialty?
My favorite thing to cook is Chicken Parmesan.

Do you feel like food is a form of art?
I definitely feel like cooking is a form of art. It’s crazy to throw together so many different ingredients together and have it turn info something amazing that you’ve never even tasted before!

When did your love for cooking begin?
My love for cooking began when I was a pretty little, around 8 or 9 years old I would say. I would always watch my grandpa in the kitchen and watch cooking shows on TV with him for hours. I think I fell in love with all the different smells!

Do you have any cooking traditions?
A cooking tradition in our family is everyone coming together to help make great meals for the family. I think that’s what I really love about cooking, it brings the ones you really love together.

Who inspires you to cook?
My grandpa inspires me too cook, as well as most of my family.

What do you enjoy most about cooking?
The thing I enjoy most about cooking is making everyone happy through food and bringing everyone together. Who’s not happy when they are eating good food?

You love nature and enjoy working in your community garden. What are some of the reasons that you love doing this?
I loved working in the community garden over summer for the fact that I was helping out someone else. It felt really good to give back to such a beautiful town.

And the Winner Is… Project Live Your Life Week 5

And the Winner Is… Project Live Your Life Week 5

To celebrate our Spring 2014 photo shoot in San Francisco as well as our #HEARTTHISCITY partnership as part of Alternative Spring Break, we wanted to make the prize for the last week of Project Live Your Life a trip to the City by the Bay. Gil A. from North Laredo, Texas will be taking a friend on a trip to San Francisco! Congrats, Gil!

Be sure to check back here and at to meet the grand prize winners who will be part of our Back to School 2014 campaign.

#AEOSTYLE Challenge: Global Prints

Our designers travel the world to find the coolest print inspiration to create global prints exclusively for you. Sometimes global prints can seem a little tricky to style, but fashion bloggers Ashlyn from Let it Be Beautiful and Shanna from Because Shanna Said So created two looks to help us out. Be sure you visit each girl’s blog to see even more shots of their looks.

#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Ashlyn from Let it Be Beautiful in our Soft Floral Jumpsuit.

Meet Ashlyn: Ashlyn is a personal life + style blogger living in DC with her better half + English Bulldog, Tinsley. Let it Be Beautiful was originally created as a personal outlet where she could share her life as a physician assistant student. Quickly, her blog evolved into a place to share her inspiration with others. Let It Be Beautiful offers a daily dose of style, design & prettiness!

#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Detail shot of our Soft Floral Jumpsuit.


#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Ashlyn took the romper in a completely different direction by adding a denim vest.

What inspired Ashlyn’s look: When deciding on what to pair with the jumpsuit, I was thinking ‘cozy & casual’ for spring or summer. I tend to throw on my denim vest over a dress, tank or t-shirt & the outfit is completely transitioned. Also, adding a pop of color to any look is important to me, so my red bag was a no-brainer. Get Ashlyn’s look: Soft Floral Jumpsuit Denim Vest (similar)

#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Shanna from Because Shanna Said So in our Soft Pant.

Meet Shanna: Shanna is a personal style blogger born and raised in Texas. She currently resides in the Austin area and is living life to it’s fullest. She began her blog in late 2011 with a passion for reaching women of all ages and sharing affordable fashion, accessible style inspiration and her favorite cosmetics. She truly believes that women do not have to spend a lot too look like they did.

#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Shanna shows off the versatility of a soft pant by wearing sneakers for a casual-cook look.

#aeostyle challenge global prints ashlyn let it be beautiful jumpsuit

Detail shot of our Soft Pant.

What inspired Shanna’s look: I opted to style these pants on a very casual level. They are easy to move around in with an elastic waist and airy material. They are super comfortable and perfect for running weekend errands. The versatility is amazing and could easily be taken into the evening with a pair of heels, a solid crop, long chain necklace and clutch. Get Shanna’s look: Soft Pant Show us how you style your global prints with #AEOSTYLE on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter for a chance to be featured on our Style Gallery, our Instagram and Tumblr accounts or blogs.

Meet the Dog: Tippy

Meet Tippy, a happy tail-wagging pup. Tippy is one of the fierce models starring in our American Beagle Outfitters campaign. We wanted to learn more about Tippy, so we asked her mom Chrissy, to share the inside scoop on her daring daughter.


Dog Name:


Dog Age:

Two years old-ish (birthday is celebrated on Christmas, because she is a miracle)

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.41.08 PM

Tippy in the city

Dog Breed:

German Shepard Mix (but I’m pretty sure she’s a domesticated coyote)

Tricks for Treats?

Sit, Shake, Other Shake for turkey, chicken, bacon, and anything cooked in butter.

Why did you think your dog would be a good model for our newest line?

She’s an adventurous and independent free spirit pup…SHE LITERALLY LIVES HER LIFE.

What are your dog’s favorite places to hang out?

Presque Isle, Erie Pennsylvania with her best friend Nellie the yellow Labrador. It’s the perfect combination of beach and woods.

Does your dog have any shameful secrets?

She’s terrified of water.

What’s your dog’s most embarrassing moments?

She ran into a stop sign once while checking out another German Shepard.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.41.17 PM

 Ready for my close up

What is your dog’s favorite outfit to wear?

Anything that’s easy-to-wear, she’s a T-shirt and jeans kind of pup.

Would you recommend American Beagle Outfitters to other dogs?

Absolutely! She has so many dog friends who love clothes. (especially her friend Ella)

Is your dog single or attached?

She’s kind of a babe. Doesn’t want to settle down anytime soon. She digs Pnewman, though.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.40.48 PM

Tippy looking fine.

Ride in the car vs. Walk in the park?

Walk in the park, as long as it’s off the leash.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.41.00 PM

Relaxing in the grass at the park

Rope vs. Fetch?

Both, but loses attention quickly, she would rather hang out with her friends.

Favorite treat?

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits or Tricky Trainers

What’s your best memory with your dog?

The day I adopted her.

Why did you pick this specific dog?

Those ears.

What was it like seeing him/her up for the first time after you purchased the dog?


Is the dog an only child?

She has a step brother who lives in Columbus, OH (Ogi)

Does your dog bite or lick the mailman?

“What’s a mailman?” – Tippy

Nappers vs Players?

Perfect combination of both.

What words do they know?

Sit, stay, “no, no, NOOOOOOO!” “COME HERE!”

What tricks can they do?

Sit, shake, other shake, lay down.

Do they prefer mud or baths?

Oh mud, for sure.

Describe your dog’s personality in 5 words-

Pesty, nosey, vocal, out-going, happy

Who are your dog’s best friends? Any neighborhood animals?

Andy, Nellie, Pnewman, Ogi & Ella

Where does your dog sleep?

She has no boundaries.

What’s your sleeping style? Don’t disturb the dog, or don’t disturb me?

If you want to sleep in, don’t wake the dog.

Is there anything your dog won’t do?

She won’t eat vegetables.

Does your dog have any favorite TV shows?

She doesn’t have cable.

What makes your dog bark?


What is the funniest thing that your dog does?

Whenever someone gets up off the couch, she steals their spot.

How would you describe your personal style?

Casual, simple, active.

What is your dog’s #AEOStyle?


What do you think of your dog’s outfit?

Outrageous + fun.

When you heard American Eagle was coming up with a clothing line what were your first thoughts?

Initially I thought it was pretty wild, a dog clothing line?! I’m pretty excited that we can coordinate!

Where would your dog wear American Beagle Outfitters?

The sidewalk is her runway.

What would be the perfect look for you to match your dog?

She’s active just like me! We run a lot together. So anything that is versatile enough to look good and be functional to wherever our day leads us!

 Follow Tippy:


Want to show off your dog’s style? Then use #AEOSTYLE on Twitter and Instagram for the chance to see your pup on


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