Take your signature aesthetic to the next level with four new and unique scents in a customizable(!) bottle.


AE X ME customized fragrance bottles


Then make it one-of-a-kind by replacing the removable insert with your own Polaroid, design, doodle, hand-written message… The options are endless. 


AE X ME fragrance bottles animation


Make it a chance to show off your favorite pic of your pup. Give one to BAE. Display your photography and favorite quotes. Brand it with a selfie. Make AE x ME part of your everyday look (and scent).


AE X ME fragrance bottle animation




Trending: all corduroy EVERYTHING.

@chelsea_owens user generated content

You know fall has OFFICIALLY arrived when you realize that, suddenly,
E V E R Y O N E  seems to dressed in head-to-toe corduroy.

And we’re certainly not complaining – this soft, cozy classic adds JUST the right amount
of texture and visual interest to take any look to the next level.


Corduroy laydown


If you love it as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that corduroy
is a huge trend this season – and you KNOW we covered all the bases. Get your fill of skirts, pants, jumpers, jackets and more in every rich fall hue.


@anastasialovera & @busybeingsha user generated content


Share how you wear your favorite trends
on Instagram & Twitter with #AEXME @americaneagle
for a chance to be featured!




Yo! Check out the AMERICAN EAGLE X MTV collection!

MTV Animation

This is the true story… 

Ah, the glory days of music television. For some of us, the ‘90s are “vintage.” For others, the ‘90s are, well, our childhood (hey! no judging!) – a truly magical time filled with fashion must-haves like scrunchies, flare jeans, overalls, stretchy chokers, etc. Whichever category you fall under, this is your chance to relive one very unique (and also very colorful) decade in our exclusive collection of iconic, nostalgia-inducing MTV tees.


The ‘90s were all about classic, simple outfits. A graphic tee, your favorite jeans, your go-to sneakers and, KAZAAM! — you’re ready for the *NSYNC concert. Consider this your official permission to bring those good old days back. Tie your hair up in a scrunchie, throw on a fanny pack(!!!), dust off your Walkman, and rock out to some Nirvana…  we’re all doing it.





Bracelet DIY in stores

Share the love this October. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, show someone undergoing treatment that you’re thinking of them. Make an empowering bracelet in select Aerie stores & we’ll send it along! See if your store is on the list below.

Bracelet DIY in stores

Create your own words of encouragement or get inspired by some of our faves.

  • Strong
  • Warrior
  • Fearless
  • Brave
  • U got this
  • Courage
  • Fighter
  • Real love
  • Hope
  • Hi beautiful
  • Fierce

Bracelet DIY in stores

Create a bracelet in a store near you:


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We don’t care how you wear our jeans—as long as you make them yours! And, we can all agree that when you’ve got no idea what to wear, scrolling the gram for outfits is a pretty great source of inspiration. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Would we like to copy this whole outfit? Yes. Would we like the name of her personal photographer? Also, yes.




**immediately buys fishnets.**




Who is she? Besides, the most confident girl to ever wear a Canadian Tux.




This whole vibe makes us want to throw on some Aaliyah and Boyz II Men. Word.




She is proof that a classic tee and your favorite jeans are never ever ever a bad idea.





Anyone else think @portiababee should also post a makeup tutorial?




Truthfully, a potato sack would look good on this backdrop but good on him for matching the shirt to the scenery.




















What’s your style all about? Show us! Tag #AEJeans @americaneagle for a chance at Instagram fame!




Take care of your girls!

We’re so proud to celebrate our 9th year partnering with Bright Pink®, a non-profit dedicated to prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancers in young women. We’ll be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month all October. Read on and find out how YOU can take care of your girls!

Take care of your girls!

To kick off the month, Bright Pink CEO, Katie Thiede, shared the love about our partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with Aerie for the 9th consecutive year together! Our partnership aims to spark important conversations among young women and inspire them to be proactive with their health, while raising critical funds to fuel Bright Pink’s life-saving mission. Since 2010, together we have raised more than $1 million to empower women to know their risk for breast & ovarian cancer and take action. Bright Pink’s flagship program, Assess Your Risk, has helped more than one million women learn their risk and take steps to manage it. We’re excited to share this quiz with Aerie girls through our partnership this fall because the more you know, the better prepared you are to take control of your health and your future!”

Bright Pink’s website offers an array of life-saving resources, from the Assess Your Risk™ quiz Katie mentioned to monthly Breast Health Reminders™, where you can get alerts right on your phone to remind you to check your girls.

Take care of your girls!

Wear your support proudly with our limited-edition sports bra and legging! 100% of US sales in stores and at benefit the non-profit.

Take care of your girls!

We can all use a little more inspiration! This October, you can get a free pouch and mirror decals with your $5+ donation to Bright Pink in US stores and Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada. These mirror decals act as a daily reminder to take care of your girls!

Want to learn more about our partnership with Bright Pink? Read about it here!


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