Getting a bit of cabin fever? Indulge in some art therapy! Coloring is all about taking the time during your day to slow down and decompress. And if you’ve already completed all the coloring books you have at home, AExME Council Member – and mental health advocate – Gabby Frost created some new designs for you to escape into. Gabby joined AE for a special “Color with Me” Instagram Live session on April 11, sharing her tips for creating your own masterpiece and taking care of yourself during social distancing. 

The session may be over, but you can still download Gabby’s designs!

Here’s what Gabby has to say about coloring as self-care!

“Illustrating and coloring has been such a great outlet for creativity and self-care for me in the past year. Adding color is adding personality to the creation, and instead of auto-filling it in, I’ve been just manually doing it myself for a majority of my graphics. Being able to ideate and make creations of my own has been therapeutic, and coloring in these creations has surprisingly been one of the most fulfilling parts.

I wanted to do a Color With Me Live because I know that quarantine has become increasingly more and more impactful on a lot of our mental health, and doing an activity with someone even though you’re not physically together can help. I’ve also really been wanting to make coloring sheets of my graphics, and thought that this would be the perfect time to try it out!”

Print… And Color!

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