AE Friends & Family: Ashley R., Associate Fragrance Buyer

AE Friends & Family: Ashley R., Associate Fragrance Buyer

Meet Ashley R., Associate Fragrance Buyer for American Eagle Outfitters. She will spend nearly a year helping to develop and test each fragrance you find in our stores and online! Read on to learn more about her career at AEO.

How did you get your start with American Eagle?

I spent three years working for Bath & Body Works developing my love for scent. When I was approached by AE for a job in fragrance, I was thrilled.  AE was a brand I grew up loving and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the team.

What do you love most about being a fragrance buyer?

I’ve always had a passion for fragrance and beauty so being involved during the entire concept to reality process is just amazing.  When you see something that you’ve spent nearly a year developing hit the shelves – nothing can describe the feeling!  I’m like a proud mom!  Then, you just sit and hope that customers and associates love it as much as you do.

What’s your favorite AE scent?

My favorite Women’s scent is Vintage and my favorite Men’s is 1977.  I’ve worked on all of the fragrances that are currently in the store and LOVE them all but these are two are very special to me.  We go through a LOT of different fragrances before we narrow down and test scents with our customers.  When I first tried the Vintage scent I knew it was going to be our winner – it was amazing and so right for the AE customer!  For 1977, the camouflage print was very hard to achieve and we are actually some of the first in the beauty industry to be able to accomplish that type of finish on a rounded bottle.

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled for your job?

I grew up in super small town Kansas (Home, Kansas to be exact) so moving to New York City was a big adventure.  I also loved my latest trip to Atlanta to help with in store fragrance testing.  It’s so amazing to hear feedback directly from our customers.

Where do you find inspiration in fragrance buying?

Everywhere!  I’m known for asking people on the subway what scent they are wearing.  When you are a buyer what’s next is always in the back of your head.  I could be at a cute shop in Brooklyn and see a cool bottle that could inspire the next finish on a fragrance bottle.

What’s your favorite AE jean fit?

The new Skinny Skinny Jeans, of course!  Painted on is the only way to go. Okay, not really.  My actual favorite jeans are the Skinny Crop in any of the darker washes.

What’s on your summer playlist?

I love all music but in the summer I’m totally into reggae!  Nappy Roots, Iration, The Expendables, The Roots, K’Naan and Rebelution are some of my favorite summer time bands.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

I love to try and experience new things.  My latest adventure was a trapeze class which was so much fun – I even learned how to do a back flip!  Other than that, I enjoy live music, exploring the city, running and going to the beach as often as possible.

Ashley learning how to do a back flip on the trapeze!

Ashley learning how to do a back flip on the trapeze!

What’s next on your “life to do” list?

I’m about to turn 28, so I’ve spent the past few months creating a list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 – “30 before 30”.  Some of the highlights that I will complete over the next two years will be a half marathon, a balloon holder in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a coast to coast road trip with my best friends, supporting a child overseas and freeing a lobster (I’m a vegetarian and it breaks my heart to see them at the grocery store in tanks).

Next on Ashley's to-do list? Run a half-marathon!

Next on Ashley’s to-do list? Run a half-marathon!

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