self shot photo by Deaunte


Meet Deaunte

“When I take a selfie, I like to show how I’m feeling and if I’m having a good time. Life is pretty fun.”



polaroid and selfie of Deauntefilm photo of Deaunte



This photographer and visual artist uses his camera to connect with like-minded individuals, defining what it means to be a young person navigating an increasingly confusing world. To celebrate self-expression and positivity, he is just as likely to turn the lens on himself.

He’s unafraid to put himself and his work out into the world, embracing social media as a way of making friends and creating art.



Questionnaire filled out by Deauntemirror selfie of Deauntefilm strips of Deaunte


  1. Mell

    I like you deaunte 😎 I feel like we’re the same person. Ik im a stranger but I just wanted to say that 🤷🏽‍♂️ thank you for giving me much positivity and good energy ❤️


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