Andy + Mariana

polaroid of Andy & Mariana

Meet Andy & Mariana

“My biggest passion is being inspired and happy. It’s hard to know what you’re really good at, so I just want to try everything and not be scared of what people think.” – Mariana

“I feel like I change the world every day by being positive.” – Andy

multiple polaroids of andy & mariana

“I want to do things differently than how they’ve always been done.” – Mariana

Sharing a bond that goes beyond sisterhood, these native West Coasters are united in their unique positivity, openness and passion for self-discovery. Bright and bold, Mariana doesn’t shy away from pushing her own limits. She’s driven to explore her own potential and the world around her through modeling and music.  Whether she’s in front of or behind the camera, older sister Andy always strives to be positive and true to herself, with an understanding that change in the world comes from within. 

photos & polaroids of Andy & Mariana Questionnaire answered by Mariana



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