self shot photo of Cailee & Antonio

Meet Antonio & Cailee

“I really enjoy using Instagram because it’s a form of a mood board – of my life, of moments I’ve enjoyed.” – Cailee

“I’m passionate about sewing. I’m passionate about school. I’m passionate about clothes.”  – Antonio


Questionnaire answered by Antonio

These two style-minded individuals share a passion for self-expression and creation. While Antonio strengthens his skills and pursues his dreams at Otis College in LA, Cailee finds inspiration in front of and behind the camera.


self shot photo by Cailee & Antonio self shot photo by Cailee

on set photo of Cailee & Antonio

animation of polaroids by Cailee & Antonio







Q: How do you overcome your insecurities?

A (Cailee): By staying true to what I think.


self shot photos of CaileeQuestionnaire answered by Caileefilm photos of Cailee film photos of cailee & antonioselfie of antoniofilm photo of caileeon set photo of cailee



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