Finding Inspiration From Within

All across the country, young people like you are standing up for what’s important. Inspired by the launch of the AExME Council, we turned to our amazing team of store managers, stylists, and associates to learn more about some of the issues affecting their communities and the causes they’re passionate about.

Meet Juan from store #956 in Dartmouth, NS 🇨🇦 Canada. He’s a 23-year-old actor and business major who wants to make his mark on the world through interaction and connection with the people around him.

“My vision is to inspire people to be their best without labels or insecurities.”

Q&A answered by Juan


Juan is passionate about environmental issues across the globe as well as mental health awareness on a more individual level. He believes in using social media for good, and the healing power of kindness.


Q: What does AE x ME mean to you?

A: FREEDOM. It means that you get to be whoever you are, overcoming fears and doubts.

Juan being awarded with Customer First Around the Globe in 2016

In 2016, Juan was awarded Customer First Around The Globe for his incredible contributions to the AE experience.


Q: How would you like to see AE become more involved in your community?

A: By influencing customers with kindness and reminding them that with unity, anything can be overcome.



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