Essential Valentine’s Day Gifts

Skip the chocolates and cheesy cards this year and give them what they really want for Valentine’s Day… new clothes and accessories! Find the exact-right gift for everyone from your BF to your GF, your best friend to your gal pal. No matter who you’re buying for, impress them with your Valentine’s Day gift-giving skills.

Check out the Valentine’s Day shop to find great gifts for your boo, and get gifting inspo below!


Gifts for Girls: Red and Pink Tops, Dresses & Accessories

For Your Boo

Give your girl a new date night outfit then take her out on the town. Gift a new mini dress made from comfy, lightweight fabric, and cute Valentine’s Day socks that say exactly how you feel. Add accessories like a new bag, heart-shaped sunglasses, and perfume and you’ve got a gift combo she’ll love.

For Your Girlfriends

Celebrate Galentine’s Day by giving your BFF the gift of total relaxation! Choose a pink sweatshirt made from super-soft fleece, or go for a printed vibe with a comfy striped sweater. Let them know how much you care by giving self-care & wellness accessories like MOOD CBD-infused sugar scrub, a rose quartz roller, and lip gloss.


Gifts for Guys: Valentine’s Day Boxers, T-Shirts & More

For Your Bae

Give your guy a new t-shirt in a fresh pink hue just in time for date night, and make sure he has everything he needs with new Valentine’s Day boxer shorts, too. Throw in new cologne and date night dice and you’re ready for a night of romance.

For Your BFF


Make sure your best friend is ready for all things Valentine’s Day with a new t-shirt and accessories. Want to level up the BFF vibes? Get yourself a matching baseball cap. Throw in a MOOD CBD-infused product like muscle balm, plus a sling bag, new socks, and sunglasses, and you’ve got a gift he’ll actually like.



Young people like you inspire everything we do, from the styles we design to how we run our offices, stores, and distribution centers. Which is why we can’t wait to tell you about our latest sustainability goal for all AEO-owned and operated facilities and employee business travel: to be carbon neutral by 2030.

To make sure our operations have a net zero carbon impact on the planet by 2030, we’ll reduce energy use everywhere we can AND will convert to renewable energy sources. It’s a win-win!


We’ll also be working with our manufacturers – especially factories and fabric mills – to set their own goals with an eye toward reducing their overall carbon impact by 40% in 10 years and 60% in 20 years. One way we’ll get there together? By shifting to more eco-friendly raw materials like sustainably sourced cotton, polyester, and viscose.



How are you changing the world? Tag #AExME @americaneagle and let us know. You could be featured in an upcoming post!


We asked the AExME Council, our crew of young advocates and change-makers, what matters most to them this holiday season, and it turns out what matters to them is YOU. Your health, your happiness, your well-being… That each and every one of you feel hope and dignity, and have a warm, safe place to sleep at night.

In this spirit, we’re partnering with Delivering Good this #GivingTuesday and all holiday season long to take action against something that affects 1 in 10 young people in America: homelessness.

Check out all the ways we can make a difference together:

Shop the AExME Council Collection

Designed by the AExME Council in partnership with Delivering Good, 100% of sales from the collection will go directly to helping homeless and underprivileged young people near you. Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes interview with Council members about the collection!AExME Council Delivering Good Capsule Collection



Donate at Checkout

While you’re stocking up on cozy styles to gift to friends and fam (or keep for yourself, no judgment!), take a moment to give back to those in need. You can donate to Delivering Good at checkout in stores and online. Give a little, give a lot, give whatever you can. Just $1 can make a huge difference.


Get Involved in Your Community

Want to do even more? You can donate directly to Delivering Good’s nearly 1,000 community partners across the U.S! Plus, we’ll share a post soon about how you can put together hygiene kits to donate to your local shelter.


Learn more about how Delivering Good makes a difference.

The AExME Council is changing the world, and so are YOU. Tag #AExME @americaneagle to share how you’re using your voice to inspire change.


It’s your time to shine! Which is why, in celebration of today’s International Day of the Girl, we’re excited to share our latest collaboration with the AExME Council – feminist tees in support of getting out the vote. These tees feature hand-drawn graphics inspired by the Council, with ALL sales benefiting HeadCount.

Read on to learn more about how these AExME Council members collaborated with the AE design team, what girl power means to them, and why voting is the ultimate way to build a better future.



Saaneah Jamison

R&B Artist & Body Positive Activist, @saaneah

Q: What was your inspiration?

 “Bloom where you are” is a saying my mom would tell us as kids that encouraged us to know that no matter what place you are in and no matter where you are in life, you can blossom, you can shine. And you deserve to!

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

I designed the shirts along with the designers at AE in the AE headquarters in New York. They had us send a list of empowering phrases that resonated with our spirits and we sent words of encouragement we thought would be helpful to customers. Out of the phrases I sent, “Bloom where you are,” and “Love yourself” were chosen. It was fun and the design team really listened to all of our ideas. They used the colors I love and even added the flower I felt was needed on the “Bloom where you” are tee.

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

It matters because voting is our power to determine who runs the nation. Youth voices deserve to be heard because our voices are not represented in office with leadership roles. Voting is a way to put the right people in office who care about our future.

Q: What words do you wish you heard as a little girl?

Your voice deserves to be heard in all spaces and places in time. You can go after whatever career path you desire and are passionate about, no matter the color of your skin, your size, or background. Being you is enough. Your hair and your culture are beautiful and deserve to be honored and respected everywhere. Girls can do anything, and have any job with equal pay. You have a voice. Speak your truth loud and proud!

Gabby Frost

Buddy Project Founder, @gabbyfrost

 When we were designing this, I felt that it was important we had a shirt in the collection that said “feminist” on it. I think it’s important to talk about intersectionality and inclusion and to fight for that. A lot of times people feel afraid to call themselves a feminist because of the negative connotations that people associate with it. And it’s important to just say you’re a fearless feminist and that you stand for equality and intersectionality.


Delaney Tarr

March for Our Lives Co-Founder, @delaneytarr

This tee says, “Love yourself,” which is a really important message to share and internalize. Because really, who are we if we don’t love ourselves as we are? No changes necessary. I think we’re good enough. Don’t you?

Imani Jai Chisom

Faith-Based Activist, @imanijai

My inspiration draws from the same place as my blog. I want young women to be reminded that who they are is enough. My blog’s name is “Honestly, Imani Jai” and that name came from me trying to find my authentic self on my college campus. I wanted to create a shirt that embodies that same spirit of “self-discovery” that I think all young women go through. 

I want girls to be able to have a shirt that reminds them it’s okay to be honestly who they are. Women, especially young girls, are constantly being told you have to be this way or that way or this kind of girl for you to be recognized and seen as worthy by their peers, men, and even adults. So when I received the opportunity to design and collaborate with the other young women on the AExME Council, I thought it would be so amazing to create a BOLD shirt that allows young women to affirm themselves loudly and proudly.

This shirt is a good reminder that being your true self, your most authentic self, is honestly your best self.



These AExME Council members are changing the world, and so are YOU. Tag #AExME @americaneagle to share how you’re using your voice to inspire change.




The holidays are almost here! And this year, it’s all about giving back AND getting what you want.

Enter for your chance to win a 5-minute shopping spree at your AE store – with a charitable twist! The more styles you grab, the bigger our matching donation to Delivering Good, which helps support homeless and underprivileged youth near you.



AE Contest Instructions

Five winners will be selected with a match up to $2,500 each. Total matching donation not to exceed $12,500 USD.

Watch these submissions for inspiration, then post your own video about what makes the holidays special in YOUR hometown!

Read the full rules.





You have the power to build a better future. Which is why, in celebration of today’s National Voter Registration Day, we’re excited to share our latest collaboration with the AExME Council – tees in support of getting out the vote. These tees feature hand-drawn graphics inspired by the Council, with ALL sales benefiting HeadCount.

Read on to learn more about how these AExME Council members collaborated with the AE design team, and why voting is truly the ultimate way to show your individuality and self-expression.



Joseph Touma

Bridge the Divide Co-Founder, @josephmtouma

AExME Council Member Joseph Touma

Q: What was your inspiration?

Today, the United States finds itself increasingly divided. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember one of the fundamental ideas behind America – we are a group of people, with different backgrounds, experiences, and political beliefs, all living together in unity. This tee emphasizes the most significant word in our country’s name, “United,” and reminds me of the importance of respecting and caring for all Americans, regardless of the labels that are often used to divide us.

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

As a member of the #AExME Council, I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the design process at AE. When they told me I could design a shirt, I wanted to make something that illustrated the message of my organization, Bridge the Divide, in a simple yet meaningful way. After several months of communication with the design experts at AE, I’m thrilled to see the final look and pumped to share it with the world!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

The United States is more than a country. It’s a set of ideas, with democracy at its core, that only works if we, the people, vote. HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that registers voters regardless of their political preferences. All voices deserve to be heard, and at the end of the day, the importance of voting is one thing we can all agree on. Right now, millions of people around the world are fighting for the same opportunity. We must remember how lucky we are even to have the chance to cast a ballot in the first place. So, whether you are young or old, rich or poor, progressive or conservative, everyone has the right and responsibility to vote.

Tim Johnson, Jr.

Actor & Musician, @cityboyjr

AExME Council Member Tim Johnson, Jr.

Q: What was your inspiration?

The idea for the shirt design came when I went to Pittsburgh for our first AExME Council meeting. I saw this painting in the hotel we were staying at of this beautiful black woman with positive words that created the Afro on her head. I was like, “Woahhh, this is cool.” It inspired me to start writing down things that bring me joy. I feel like sometimes in our minds, we have a collage of negativity, so creating a shirt filled with positive vibes can help remind us that light will extinguish the darkness.

AExME Voter Registration Tees

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

I sent different words to the design team and they got right on it! And they did their thing!!!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

I feel like we need to break down what we stand for as citizens of this country and what qualities we want in our leaders. I’m thankful to platforms like American Eagle who understand that we hold the power to change this culture no matter who we are. So vote for yourself and for others who can’t.


Samuel Getachew

Award-Winning Poet, @samuelgd

AExME Council Member Samuel Getachew

Q: What was your inspiration?

“Pass the mic” is a pretty common phrase, but it has taken on higher importance for me as of late. As a spoken word poet, I encounter a lot of microphones. For my art form, mics are an instrument of power and expression. They represent a platform and a voice. The possession of a mic is a privilege. We all hold privilege in some form – at varying degrees, yes, but some privilege nonetheless. It is so incredibly vital that we recognize the platforms and mics we are given, and recognize that not everyone has the same privilege we do. Rather than speaking for people who are less fortunate than ourselves, we must lend our platforms to project their voices. Now more than ever, we must pass the mic.

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

I had a lot of ideas for designs, so I sent them all over to the design team. They sent back their feedback, and we decided on the one phrase. Then they sent over initial designs, and I gave my thoughts on which I felt communicated the message best. After a few discussions on colors and prints, we decided on the final product!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

The franchise is one of the many privileges that we as Americans often take for granted. When we abstain from democracy, our very political system malfunctions. But we also live and work within a system that is intentionally designed to create a group of voters and a group of non-voters, creating barriers based on race, class, gender, and more. Voter registration and education and organizations like HeadCount are vital because they seek to break down those barriers, and establish a government that truly works for the people. However, it is important to remember that not everyone can vote – in fact, many of the people most impacted by government policy are disenfranchised due to citizenship status or criminal records. We must also lend our privileges to them, voting with them in mind, and recognizing the immensity of the gift that is our right to vote.



These AExME Council members are changing the world, and so are YOU. Tag #AExME @americaneagle to share how you’re using your voice to inspire change.