We believe great style is created with sustainability at its core. Which is why we’re taking your feedback seriously, and taking steps to build a better future through better manufacturing processes.

We’ve previously shared our commitment to sustainability, how our shopping bags using 75% recycled materials are already making a difference, and how we’re working to eliminate sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

Today, we want to share what we’re doing to save water, and how YOU can help.


What We’re Doing

Water is a finite resource. Around the world, billions of people are living without safe water, so every drop of H2O truly matters.


This is why we’re working with our fabric mills and denim laundries to come up with innovative ways to make the jeans you know and love, while also cutting back on water usage.




Many of our partners have started using improved technology that decreases water needed for processing by as much as 90%. Decreasing water for production also significantly decreases any chemicals needed for processing.



It’s not just about reducing, though. It’s also about reusing and recycling. Which is why the mills and laundries we work with have started recycling their used water – so it can be fully reused for manufacturing!


What You Can Do

Did you know that customer use accounts for the most water usage after cotton manufacturing? That means you have the power to reduce the water impact of your jeans. Here’s how:


Wash your jeans only when needed. There’s no need to wash them with every wear! Or two. Or three. We swear. You can spot-clean them between washes and, shhh, no one will know.

When you do wash your jeans, wash them on cold. It’s better for your jeans and the planet.



Hang your jeans to dry rather than using the dryer. You’ll save energy by air-drying them, plus reduce wrinkles and extend your jeans’ life.



We know we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to sustainable practices, but we’re committed to doing what we can to reduce and reuse water, and hope you are, too. We are ALL connected by the water we use and the jeans we love. The only way forward is together.



5 New Fall Faves: Back-To-School Outfits for Her

New school year. New must-haves. Check out these 5 styles handpicked by our stylist for your back-to-school outfit rotation, including must-have jeans, tops, and accessories. Start by planning all your new looks around your favorite new fit – Curvy jeans. They’re in stores and online now in sizes 00-24… ‘cause it’s not about size. It’s about SHAPE.

Shop Women’s Tops & Bottoms

AE Curvy Mom Jeans

Curvy Mom Jeans

The relaxed, vintage-vibe Mom jeans you love – now in a Curvy, stretchy fit you’ve been asking for. Not really into Mom jeans? It’s all good. With tons of styles including skinny, flare, and wide leg jeans, you can find the jeans that make you feel the most amazing.

AE Plaid & Flannel Shirts

Plaid & Flannel Shirts

Play with proportions this fall. Plaid and flannel shirts go both oversized AND cropped so you can change up your style daily. Wear your flannel unbuttoned with a graphic tee underneath, or change up your look by wearing it around your waist for a throwback ‘90s vibe.

AE Curvy Jeggings

Curvy Jeggings

An instant classic for a reason, and that reason is your booty. It’s never looked so good in this fit that’s made for curves with more room through the hips and thighs. Curvy jeans come in high-waisted, super high-waisted, and highest waist designs that pair with your favorite cropped and fitted tops.

AE Henley Sweaters

Henley Sweaters

What’s better than a cozy henley shirt? How about a cozy henley sweater? These tops have that collarless, button-up neckline you love and all the warmth you’re going to need. Want other just-as-awesome layering options? Crewneck sweaters, cardigans, and denim jackets.

AE Bucket Bag

Bucket Bags

Big enough to stash all your stuff. Chic enough to make you feel like the boss you are. Toss in all your school essentials and you’re ready for the day. If you need more storage space, try a backpack to tote bag!



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Back To (School) Basics: 5 Fall Outfit Essentials for Guys

Don’t stress too much about your back-to-school outfits. Keep things relaxed and looking good with these fall must-haves, including comfy joggers, stacked jeans, and super-soft tops.

Shop Men’s Tops & Bottoms

AE Stacked Skinny Jeans

Stacked Skinny Jeans

Comfort you have to feel to believe, designed to show off your sneakers with a trending stacked look. These jeans have a longer inseam to create the stacked effect, so just order your usual size.

AE Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees

Repping your vibe’s never been so easy with bold colors, super-soft fabrics, and graphics featuring your favorite logos, musicians, and pop culture moments. Graphic t-shirts come in different styles like drop-shoulder and standard, plus unisex fits made for sharing.
AE Hoodies


Stay warm. Pop a hoodie. They’re just right for early mornings, cool days, and late nights. Go with a classic pullover or zip-up hoodies, or keep things lighter with a hoodie t-shirt.

AE Joggers


The relaxed-fit, tapered-leg jogger you love. Now in throwback nylon made for making moves. And if you’re not into the nylon look, we’ve got lots of other joggers in khaki, performance fleece, and cotton fleece fabrics.

AE Men's Underwear

Men’s Underwear

The softest. The most comfortable. The most you. Whatever fit you’re into – boxer shorts, briefs, trunks – we’ve got you covered. Stay fresh this semester with new prints and colors.



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School Uniforms Your Way

Polo shirts, button ups, and khaki pants are a tried-and-true staple of school uniforms, but they don’t have to be boring. Start with the basics, add personal touches, and BOOM. You’re ready to kickstart the school year your way.

Check out AE guy’s shirts and pants and girl’s tops and bottoms to make your school uniform more YOU this year.

AE Backpacks

Marco? Polo.

If polos make you think of middle school, think again. American Eagle polo shirts and rugby shirts are updated with new colors and designs to be simple yet classic, sophisticated yet easy. Wear-with-anything polos and rugby shirts are right for all your uniform outfits. Just pick out your school colors and you’re set.

AE Polo Shirts

Button Up Your Look 

You know an on-trend look when you see one, and button-up shirts are no exception. These shirts have all the details you love – a classic collared neck, button-up front, and long sleeves you can cuff for a more casual look. Choose different colors and prints in super soft fabrics that feel good year-round.

AE Uniform Button Down Shirt and Long Sleeve Oxford Button Up Shirt

Bring Your School Spirit

Style isn’t just about where you are, but where you’re going. Whether you’re a freshman with goals or a senior with your eyes on the prize, Tailgate’s college t-shirts help show off your school pride. And with soft fabrics and bright designs, these tees feel as good as they look.

Tailgate College T-ShirtsAE Men's Pants


Whatever you call them, we’ve got ‘em. AE guy’s chinos come in skinny, slim, Athletic, and bootcut fits (plus so many others!), so you can feel like yourself even when you’re not wearing your favorite pair of jeans. And girl’s khaki pants come in jegging, Curvy, skinny, wide leg pants, and many more fits so you’ve got lots of options for every day of the week.


There’s no wrong way to wear your khaki pants. Choose from dark washes to lighter khaki tones. Then roll up the hems to show off your shoes, throw on a belt, or tuck in your shirt to put a unique spin on your uniform style.

A+ Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to personalize your uniform. Guys, freshen up your look with a baseball cap, watch, and a pair of glasses. And girls, add a scrunchie, printed backpack, and some colorful school supplies. Ta-da, you’ve just achieved A+ style for the semester!

AE Back to School Accessories




Dorm Decorating Made Easy 

The beginning of the semester is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start your back-to-school shopping list! First up, dorm decorating.If you’re heading off to college for the first time, you’ll want to check out these dorm decorating tips, and if you’re a returning student, you just might also find some inspo in our APT collection, which you can shop below.

Shop apartment & dorm decor at American Eagle to get started & refresh your space this year.  


AE apartment & dorm decor


1. Start With Bedding

School shopping can be stressful. You’ve got a huge list – dorm décor, new clothes, and school supplies, just to name a few – so keep it easy and begin dorm decorating with bedding basics. This semester, update your room by adding a new comforter set, duvet cover, sheet set, or pillows from our bedding line.

Bedding comes in all sizes, from twin and twin XL to full and queen sizes, as well as prints and colors that’ll keep you relaxed and cool after a long day of classes.


AE apartment accessories


2. Move on to Decorations

Once you’re feelin’ good about your bedding situation, it’s time to tackle dorm decorations.

If your dorm or apartment comes with a desk, make the most of that productive space with desk accessories and lamps that’ll light the way to all your late-night study sessions. Tapestries and other wall hangings are another way to make your living space more customized to you – they’ll transform your plain walls into a TRUE expression of who you are and what you’re all about.


AE apartment & dorm decor


3. Finish It Off With Personal Touches

To complete your dorm refresh, add art, pictures, and other accessories to your back-to-school shopping list.

Nothing livens up a basic dorm room like colorful wall hangings and reminders of home, so add framed pictures of family and friends and hang a canvas print or two to make your space reflect what you truly care about. To make your dorm space feel even more like YOU, add personalized dorm & room décor

like letterboards, scented candles, retro lamps, and more.




Game Day, Your Way

Hit your next game-day look out of the park with inspiration from Tailgate’s MLB apparel line

It’s the best time of the year! With summer break, long weekends, road trips, concerts, ball games, vacations, days at the park & all the other outdoor activities you have planned, you’ll want to spend every minute of this summer outside. And sure, you’ve already got all your outfits picked out for the next beach trip and festival weekend coming up, but have you thought about what to wear to your next baseball game? Whether you’re a huge fan of your local MLB team, you’re just jumping into the world of baseball fandom, or you’re a casual fan who likes repping your city, you still want to show up to a day at the ballpark looking and feeling good. There are tons of ways to show off your team or city pride, so follow along as we outline a few game-changing ideas that’ll elevate your outfit and help you figure out what to wear to a baseball game this season. Start with MLB clothing, then round out the looks with your favorite jeans, shorts and accessories to make the look yours just in time for the first pitch.

Peanuts + Cracker Jack for two:


For an easy and laid-back style worth repeating all summer for all your baseball game dates, start with a Tailgate MLB graphic tee supporting the home team. Or the away team – wherever your allegiance lies is okay with us. These MLB t-shirts are super soft and breathable, making them ideal for sunny days spent outside. Wear them with your favorite women’s shorts like Mom shorts, midi shorts, short shorts & more, and pair them with a baseball hat to continue the baseball theme of the date. If it’s a hot, summer day, try to pick out lightweight materials for your date outfit and make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen! There’s nothing more romantic than SPF protection for you and your boo.


Grand slam style at a night game:


Whether you’re heading to the ballpark after a day of fun in the sun or after a long day at work, a night game can be just what you need to cap off a great day. As always though, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever comes your way when the sun sets and the game starts. You can easily make your game day outfits better with some layers, so make sure you bring a long sleeve t-shirt or hoodie just in case temperatures take a dive while you’re watching your favorite team take the field. And since you’ll want plenty of coverage, jeans and denim overalls are a great choice to make sure you’re comfortable during the game.


Pair a Pittsburgh Pirates shirt with some ripped jeans for a look that’s just right in early spring, or pair high-waisted jeans with your Mets gear at the next night game to show off your team spirit. Try something different with a pair of overalls to go with your St. Louis Cardinals t-shirts, then top off your outfit with a hat for a look that’s all you. Bright a jacket along and you’re set for a night at the park.


How to beat the double header blues:

Wow, you want to talk serious commitment? Head to the ball field for a double header this season and enjoy double the trouble with two games IN A ROW. Dressing for a double header is a little different because while a normal game lasts about three hours, a double header game day can have you at the park for much longer. This means you’ll need the right accessories and apparel to get you through the baseball marathon ahead. First, start with a comfortable and breathable top that shows off your hometown pride. Choose a short sleeve t-shirt for days when it’s a little warm, and go for a tank top when things heat up later in the season. From there, choose a pair of jeans or shorts you know are comfortable enough to handle all the sitting and snacking that’s about to happen. And since versatility is the name of the game for double headers, bring a small bag like a crossbody bag or fanny pack to keep the essentials in (money, wallet, keys) so you’ll always have easy access to your cash when snack time rolls around.


Feeling inspired now that you know how to dress for a baseball game? Show us all your great baseball outfits on Instagram & Twitter with #AExME @americaneagle and you could be featured on our site, blog or social media!