5 inspiring influencers. 5 fave fits.

We asked five of our favorite influencers to style five of our most in-demand jean fits – and they told us a bit about themselves, their passions, and their personal style while they were at it. Get to know them a little better below!

Abby is in the Mom Straight Jean + Jean Jacket

IG: @abbycates | TikTok: @abbycates

About me: “I’m a singer and a songwriter from Nashville, TN. I’ve been singing forever (total theater kid), but songwriting is something I discovered as my biggest passion only in the last 4 or 5 years, and I am constantly making up stories in my head.”

Why I love this fit: “Don’t get me wrong, I love a crazy statement fit, but this is just perfect for everyday running errands or going to a writing session… I would absolutely wear this fit when I want to feel comfortable and confident while also looking so cute. These jeans hug all the right places without feeling pinchy or restricting. They’re totally my new favorite pair.”

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Alexis is in the Super High-Waisted Flare + Graphic Tee

IG: @alexisdenisew

About me: “I’m an integrated digital media and computer science student at NYU. As a young black-Latina woman in STEM, my content is a celebration of what ‘breaking the mold’ looks like.”

Why I love this fit: “The jeans here are really the statement piece… I’m a big fan of flare cut jeans! I feel like they can pull any look together. I also really love how the lettering on my top matches the green accent on my shoes. I’m obsessed with those little details! 

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Maia is in the Baggy Mom Jean + Off-The-Shoulder Top

IG: @mxmtoon | TikTok: @mxmtoon

About me: “Artist/songwriter/gamer/podcaster/simp.”

Why I love this fit: “I always style my baggy jeans with some form of crop top, just like this plaid crop top! I love [wearing] a bigger pair with a shorter shirt… Baggy Mom Jeans are always my go-to that make me feel good about myself as I go about my day! They’re comfy, versatile, and extremely cute.”

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Javiera is in the Mom Jean + Crop Top

IG: @javiera | TikTok: @_javierittaaa

About me: “Hola! I’m a curve model, YouTuber, and body positive influencer. I love to uplift women of all sizes, indulge in lots of self-care, and spread the message that you do not need to be a certain size to be happy and feel beautiful.”

Why I love this fit: “This type of outfit is just a great staple because you can really layer it and accessorize as you want, and it can give the outfit a whole different vibe. I like to cuff my jeans to show off my shoes, wear lots of rings, and layer necklaces for a nice pop!”

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Jamilah is in the Super High-Waisted Jegging + Flannel Hoodie

IG: @Jamilahnicolee

About me: “I am an aspiring pro tennis player that enjoys going to the beach. I also enjoy fashion and going shopping. Another one of my hobbies is listening to music and watching Marvel movies.”

Why I love this fit: “The shirt [is] super cute and breathable. With the rips in the jeans, it gives me a casual but streetwear vibe and I love it… I like to wear [jeans] anywhere and everywhere, whether I’m going out to dinner or just to the store.”

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