Singer & Gamer Maia’s Fave Fit: The Baggy Mom Jean

About me: “Artist/songwriter/gamer/podcaster/simp.”

Why I love this fit: “I always style my baggy jeans with some form of crop top, just like this plaid crop top! I love [wearing] a bigger pair with a shorter shirt… I love this fit because Baggy Mom Jeans are always my go-to pant that make me feel good about myself as I go about my day! They’re comfy, versatile, and extremely cute.”

I know a good pair of jeans when I see them if: “They have a straight cut and look great cuffed.”

Jeans are my go-to for: “My everyday life, because I can dress them up or down depending on the day!”

This fall, you can find me: “I love going on walks around my neighborhood and seeing the leaves change between seasons. I grew up on the West Coast for most of my life so getting to witness actual seasons is new to me!”

This past year, I learned: “Taking moments for myself to recharge in the midst of things is really important. I’m definitely not an extrovert and the last year has given me the ability to fully understand what practices lend themselves to helping my mental health.”

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