Writer & Activist Alexis’s Fave Fit: The Super High-Waisted Flare

About me: “I’m an integrated digital media and computer science student at NYU. As a young black-Latina woman in STEM, my content is a celebration of what ‘breaking the mold’ looks like.”

Why I love this fit: “The jeans here are really the statement piece… I’m a big fan of flare cut jeans! I feel like they can pull any look together. I also really love how the lettering on my top matches the green accent on my shoes. I’m obsessed with those little details!”

I love jean jackets because: “It can instantly elevate any outfit no matter what you have on underneath.”

People would be surprised to learn: “I think people would be surprised to learn that I love the arts just as much as STEM. While I spend a good amount of time programming on my computer, I spend just as much playing my piano, singing, drawing, or doing something else that’s creative.”

My biggest inspiration: “My biggest career inspirations have always been Elaine Welteroth and Karlie Kloss. I one day want to embody the same drive and determination for social justice as Elaine mixed with the same passion for STEM and women’s rights as Karlie.”

Shop the look and follow Alexis on Instagram at @alexisdenisew.

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