Mask On, Mask Off

Mask On, Mask Off

You know face masks. You love face masks. But lately, when we hear those words, our minds go to the “required for leaving the house” kind, rather than a good-for-your-skin treat.

So, even if just for a minute, let’s take masks back to their spa roots. A good place to start: new MOOD CBD-infused face masks for him & her. These peel-off masks reveal softer, smoother skin and come in your favorite MOOD scents, including Soothed (fresh eucalyptus), Chill (warm vanilla), Energized (mandarin nectar), and our latest addition, Inspired (iced matcha).

Never used a peel-off mask? AExME cast member Clare (@inouicg) shows us how.

Step 1: Use a dollop

A little goes a long way – a quarter size or less will work wonders.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer

Make sure your face is clean and dry. The mask won’t stick to wet skin! Cover your cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose (steering clear of your eye area) with a THIN layer – it will take much longer to dry if you apply too thick a layer.

Step 3: Let dry 15-20 minutes

Make a TikTok, do a meditation, cuddle with your cat. This is your “me” time.

Step 4: Carefully peel off

Now comes the fun part. Use your fingertips to lift the edges, starting at the bottom of your face, then peel off the mask gently and sloooowly to reveal softer, smoother skin!

Step 5: Rinse

Give your face a good rinse, especially around your hairline, and follow up with MOOD face oil for an extra boost of moisture.

Check out all the scents!

zZz: soft lavender
Inspired: iced matcha
Chill: warm vanilla
Soothed: fresh eucalyptus
Energized: mandarin nectar

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