Staying home? Us, too.

Check out the styles these members of the AE fam are living in now that pajamas are a way of life.

Ellissa Schatz

Associate Digital Designer

“I’m only wearing my soft clothes right now, so obviously, this outfit is super-soft fleece. The pants are v. flattering for comfy pants because they’re high-waisted and wide leg. With the cropped zip-up, it still feels like I’m wearing a real outfit even though it’s definitely also pajamas.”

Meaghann Bendis

Senior Site Merchandiser

“I’ve been taking multiple walks a day and running around with our dogs, which has really helped clear my head and get some fresh air. I also love listening to a funny podcast or work out to take my mind off things. Quarantine hasn’t been that bad so far! I love the cozy matching sets trend right now because you don’t have to put any thought into it, but it also looks super cute and put together, even for a day hanging out at home.”

Sam Quatrini

Coordinator, Brand Activation

“Until recently, my go-to for just lounging around was always my pair of AirFlex skinny jeans. Believe it or not, those jeans are so dang comfortable that yes, I chose to lounge around the house in them. However, when I slid into my first pair of fleece joggers, it felt as though I was being embraced by a sweet fluffy cloud of love. I’ve never worn anything so comfortable in my life. I can move freely and shred on my board, or just sit around and watch Netflix. Either way, I am at peace with my pants.”

Chloe Meston

Coordinator, Brand Activation

“Who said lounging around couldn’t be cute? I’m wearing a baby tee and soft pants. It feels like I’m in my PJs all day, but I still feel put together and ready for my day. I can take a nap, but I also could take a walk around my neighborhood… So versatile.”

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