AE Friends & Family: Isabel Dupre, Stylist

AE Friends & Family: Isabel Dupre, Stylist

Meet Isabel Dupre, a stylist that works on our photo shoots. When Isabel is working with the American Eagle Outfitters team, she is traveling between our design office in New York City to our Home Office in Pittsburgh to pull together looks for our seasonal photo shoots. Read more to learn about her background in fashion and why she loves working with the AE team.

Before you were a stylist, you were Fashion Director at Elle and a model before that. How did the transition happen?

After being a model, I got a job at a French magazine as a casting director, then moved to Miami and worked as an agent at Click model agency. After two years, I met someone who knew someone from Elle, got an interview and they hired me as an assistant. They were using stylists from Paris and they needed someone who spoke French to help them on shoots when they were in New York. It is all about meeting as many people as you can to find the right path.

isabel dupre american eagle outfitters spring 2013 photo shoot

Isabel snapped this photo during the Spring 2013 photo shoot in LA.

Have you always had a passion for clothes and fashion? How did you discover it?

How do you discover a passion for …chocolate ? Same thing I guess, it is just a thing you like. I would watch a movie and want the same t-shirt the actress was wearing. I wanted a pair of leather pants before anyone really made any, except for leather houses. I had a big attraction for fashion. I loved to dress up. I used to dress my poor little dog but I don’t know if that means passion for fashion?

What advice do you have for someone who wants to enter the fashion industry, especially as a stylist?

It was easier when I started. Not so many people knew what a stylist was so there were more opportunities.  I would say that you have to assist as much as possible. Make sure you are working harder than anyone else during internships. Go out there and make noise.

What is the biggest misconception about being a fashion stylist?

The glamorous life. It isn’t always glamorous, trying on expensive clothes and going to the shows happens, but there is also a lot of carrying heavy suitcases, packing, unpacking, long cold days shooting outside in not always pretty locations, same catering food for too long, long hours, long flights and very demanding clients.

isabel dupre american eagle outfitters spring 2013 photo shoot

Isabel during a not-so-glamorous time on a photo shoot – working through the rain and cold!

What has been the coolest place you have ever traveled for work?

Anywhere with a beach, especially Tahiti and Kauai.

isabel dupre american eagle outfitters spring 2013 photo shoot

One of Isabel’s favorite places to work – Kauai, Hawaii.

You are French. Do you think that influences your sense of style and fashion, especially at AE?

AE is a big denim brand and there is a lot of denim to choose from. I think my French side loves AE because the French love jeans. They’ll wear them relaxed with a T-shirt or very chic with a Chanel jacket. It works any day, any time.

What do you like most about working with AE?

Working with AE is fun. It is a great group of kids, the clothes are cool and you can mix and match as much as you want. It is the same group of people; I am always so excited to see them again on the next trip. I feel like I am going to summer camp with my friends.

isabel dupre american eagle outfitters spring 2013 photo shoot

The last day of the Palm Springs Spring Break photo shoot from Isabel’s Instagram.

Where do you find your inspiration for your life and your work?

Inspiration is everywhere; from the streets to the latest TV shows I am watching. I love my iPhone and all the social media, but it is important to lift your head up and just watch what’s around you.

If you could style any person, who would you love to work with?

The last person everyone is talking about.

What is next on your life ‘to do’ list?

Be a better cook.

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