Get Outside in Style with Tailgate’s National Park Tees

There’s nothing quite like visiting a National Park and taking in all the iconic views, whether it’s your first visit to a national park or something a little closer to home like the state park you’ve been to a million times.

And if you’re wondering what to wear to a National Park or how to celebrate your fave outdoor oasis this summer, look no further. With these fresh summer styles, you’ll never run out of ideas.

Shop our Great Outdoors T-Shirt Collection, Men’s Shorts & Women’s Shorts to get started!



Bright & Bold Graphic Tees

Sure, when you’re planning to visit a National Park you need to make sure you’ve got the essentials (backpack to carry supplies, water bottle, bug spray, check!). But you also want to make sure you feel good about your rugged, outdoors style. Just pack your favorite Tailgate Great Outdoors t-shirt and you’re set to show off your love of the great outdoors while taking in the sights.

Super-Soft Materials

Tailgate’s graphic t-shirts are designed with rich colors and vibrant graphics so fellow nature lovers can tell what you’re all about. The super-soft materials, bright shades, and vintage washes make these shirts a must-have, whether you’re trekking the mountains or dreaming of your next adventure.

Graphics for Every Getaway 

National Park t-shirts feature classic scenes from across the U.S. so wherever you go, you can show your love by packing a tee that represents the park you’re visiting: Grand Canyon, Olympic National Park, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, the Smoky Mountains, Redwood National Parks & more. 



Denim Shorts to Complete the Look

Once you’ve picked a National Park t-shirt or two for your trip, make sure to pack jean shorts in fresh, summery washes.



Rugged Styles for Him 

Men’s shorts come in so many different lengths and styles, so you can always find an option you love. But for showing off your rugged, outdoors style, you can’t go wrong with jean shorts. Cutoffs are a tried-and-true classic, and with so many new colors and washes, you can always find a pair that feels like YOU.



High-Waisted & Mom Shorts for Her

For all your outdoor adventures, high-waisted short shorts are the way to go These women’s denim shorts are basically made for your next National Park roadtrip. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! Another option to pair with your National Parks graphic tee is the mom short, which takes the cool, relaxed fit of the Mom jeans you love, and turns them into shorts. With new colors and washes available all the time, you’ll never run out of options for your next outdoor getaway.

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Dorm Decorating Made Easy 

The beginning of the semester is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start your back-to-school shopping list! First up, dorm decorating.If you’re heading off to college for the first time, you’ll want to check out these dorm decorating tips, and if you’re a returning student, you just might also find some inspo in our APT collection, which you can shop below.

Shop apartment & dorm decor at American Eagle to get started & refresh your space this year.  


AE apartment & dorm decor


1. Start With Bedding

School shopping can be stressful. You’ve got a huge list – dorm décor, new clothes, and school supplies, just to name a few – so keep it easy and begin dorm decorating with bedding basics. This semester, update your room by adding a new comforter set, duvet cover, sheet set, or pillows from our bedding line.

Bedding comes in all sizes, from twin and twin XL to full and queen sizes, as well as prints and colors that’ll keep you relaxed and cool after a long day of classes.


AE apartment accessories


2. Move on to Decorations

Once you’re feelin’ good about your bedding situation, it’s time to tackle dorm decorations.

If your dorm or apartment comes with a desk, make the most of that productive space with desk accessories and lamps that’ll light the way to all your late-night study sessions. Tapestries and other wall hangings are another way to make your living space more customized to you – they’ll transform your plain walls into a TRUE expression of who you are and what you’re all about.


AE apartment & dorm decor


3. Finish It Off With Personal Touches

To complete your dorm refresh, add art, pictures, and other accessories to your back-to-school shopping list.

Nothing livens up a basic dorm room like colorful wall hangings and reminders of home, so add framed pictures of family and friends and hang a canvas print or two to make your space reflect what you truly care about. To make your dorm space feel even more like YOU, add personalized dorm & room décor

like letterboards, scented candles, retro lamps, and more.




This Fall: More Jeans, More Sizes, More YOU.

AE Women's Jeans

There may still be two full months of summer left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting excited about the best things coming this fall – the new clothes. After a few long, hot months of cute cutoffs and flowy dresses, who ISN’T ready to take a great new pair of jeans for a spin? Whether you’re looking for your go-to high-waisted jeans in a fresh wash to ride out the season or you want to try a new fit entirely, the AE Jean Guide has a little something for everyone.

AE Women's Jeans

No matter what style you’re after, we’re excited to offer you our widest, most inclusive range of sizes… ever. Our size range of 00-24 applies to all your favorite fits and washes, and is all offered at We’re not talking about so-called “plus size jeans” – we’re talking about great jeans for all women. Period.


AE Women's Jeans


The AE Jean Guide is your one-stop shop to get all the info you need about AE jeans, and more importantly, its where you’ll find your new favorite pair. If you’re used to shopping in the petite section, or looking for the “Tall” inseams in a pile of skinny jeans, that’s all about to change. All jeans, all sizes, all in one inclusive jean guide. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is choosing a wash.




Introducing the #AExMECouncil

Self-expression. Individuality. The power to change the world. Introducing the #AExMECouncil!

Inspired by the bold voices of young people like YOU, we’re introducing our first-ever advisory council of nine leaders from around the country, each a fearless champion for a better future.

AE will be supporting the advocacy work of each #AExMECouncil member AND learning from them, working hand-in-hand on every aspect of our business to make sure our practices and product are as game-changing as customers like you.

Over the next year, look for updates about our work together. We’ll be collaborating on ideas for Pride, mental health, sustainability, getting out the vote, charitable giving, and more.



Samuel Getachew

Award-Winning Poet


16-year-old Oakland, CA resident Samuel believes “the biggest misconception about our generation is that we’re monolithic. We are so, so incredibly multifaceted and diverse.” He is passionate about using art to create change and uplift the voices of marginalized people. 


Delaney Tarr

March for Our Lives Co-Founder


March for Our Lives co-founder Delaney uses storytelling to end hate and violence. “If we carry these stories, people might actually listen.”


Saaneah Jamison

R&B Artist & Body Positive Activist


“Bloom where you are.” Rising R&B artist and body-positive activist is Saaneah is creating a self-love movement called Curvy Confidence through music and dance.


Joseph Touma

Bridge the Divide Co-Founder


Listening. Engaging. Building bridges across political lines. West Virginia native and Bridge the Divide co-founder Joseph Touma believes respect and understanding are the way forward.


Tim Johnson Jr.

Actor & Musician


Actor. Musician. Bringer of joy. The Philly native is ready to make his mark in entertainment and on the world. “Soul is everything to me.”


Gabby Frost

Buddy Project Founder


Gabby founded the Buddy Project to help promote mental health and prevent suicide. “A lot of young people feel alone. There are people out there who understand and want to help.” Her app launches soon!


Peyton Klein

Global Minds Founder


“Diversity is a fact. Inclusivity is a choice.” Pittsburgh high school student Peyton founded Global Minds, a for-youth, by-youth organization that inspires students to build intercultural friendships and support immigrant rights.


Imani Jai Chisom

Faith-Based Activist


Theology and writing student. Aspiring minister. “I fight for the little black girls who don’t think they’re going to go to college, who are told they’re small and voiceless.” Pittsburgh native Imani uses her platform to address issues facing black women at predominantly white colleges.


Edith Cruz

Immigrant Rights Activist


Sí, se puede. A journalism/broadcasting student at Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Edith has lived in Kentucky since she was 6 years old. Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, she’s passionate about education equity and immigrant rights.


These #AExMECouncil members are changing the world, and so are YOU. Tag #AExME @americaneagle to share how you’re using your voice to inspire change.



Meet the new #AExME cast: get to know BRINDA

polaroid of @brindanotbrenda




handwritten bio of @brindanotbrenda


I drove across the country and it was like just super exhilarating to be out on the road alone. I love driving so I was like, I’m in my element right now and I’m doing this by myself. I’m a small person and I’m doing a really big thing.