DIY: Ombre Jeans

DIY: Ombre Jeans

We’ve been seeing the ombre trend everywhere lately – from clothes to hair – and we wanted to get in on the trend ourselves. What’s a better way to spend a cold winter afternoon than DIY-ing your own ombre jeans?

What you’ll need:

Step One:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step One

Step One: Wet entire jegging in cold water.

Step Two:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step 2

Step two: Add liquid fabric dye to water.

Step three:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step 3

Step three: Use scrap fabric to test the color of the dye. Make sure the end is as dark as you want the bottom of your jeans to be!

Step four:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step 4

Step four: Hang jegging above dye bath with bottom submerged.

Step five:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step 5

Step five: Watch the progress of the dye seeping up the jeggings for 8-12 hours. Spray jegging with water to re-wet the fabric and make the dye seep higher.

Step six:

DIY Ombre Jeans Step 6

Step six: Remove jeggings from dye and hang over newspaper to dry. Rinse dried area in cold water. Always wash your new ombre jeans alone and in cold water!!

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