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Wellness is about so much more than body lotions, bath soaks, lip balms, and pillow mists – though, if you ask us, all of those things certainly help! It’s about being real with how you’re feeling and what you can do about it.

So we’re asking ‘cause we really want to know: What’s your mood?

Answer a few questions below, then check out which MOOD CBD-infused wellness products you might wanna try. MOOD is a new a collection for your bath, body & home – available exclusively at American Eagle – featuring products made for everyone and infused with CBD extract, which is known for its calming and soothing benefits.


MOOD Products

my mood is…

MOOD Product Quiz MOOD Product Quiz MOOD Product Quiz MOOD Product Quiz


… so, what’s your mood?


Introducing MOOD

MOOD AnimationMOOD Animation

Meet MOOD, a new wellness collection – exclusively at American Eagle – featuring products made for everyone and infused with CBD extract, which is known for its calming and soothing benefits.

The MOOD collection includes wellness products like bath soaks, body lotions, hand creams, lip salves, aromatherapy oils, and other must-have products designed to help you relax and unwind.

Maybe you’ve already heard of products like CBD oil, lip balm, or lotion, but if this is the first time you’re thinking about trying CBD-infused products, keep scrolling to learn more!




 1. What is CBD?

CBD – short for cannabidiol – is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp and isolated for its beneficial wellness properties.

What it does: works naturally to create a calming effect.

What it won’t do: make you feel “high” or “stoned.”

2. What is CBD Used For?

CBD works naturally to create a calming effect, meaning it’s great for those moments when you want to unwind and enjoy a little “you” time.

 3. Is CBD Legal?

Yes. The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill classifies legal hemp as cannabis containing no more than 0.3% THC, and all MOOD products comply with this regulation.

4. Will CBD alter my mental state?

No, it won’t. Although CBD and THC come from the same cannabis sativa plant, they are two distinct substances. While CBD can have a calming, relaxing effect, it does not produce the “high” associated with THC.



Behind the Seams: What’s New in Jeans

AE Women's Jeans

We want you to feel amazing in American Eagle jeans every time you wear them – which is why we’re working nonstop to create better fabrics, technologies, and fits.

We don’t always talk about what goes on behind the seams (see what we did there?), but our latest jeans innovations are too cool NOT to share! Check out what our designers are excited about, then shop the new jeans collections and try ’em yourself.



Innovating for Comfort, Stretch & Consistency

Jeans have been around for, like, ever – but that doesn’t mean we’re always gonna make them the same way. By pushing forward and embracing new technologies, we make sure our jeans stay cutting-edge cool and comfy.

AE Ripped Jeans


Improving Stretch Jeans

Stretch technology has come a long way. Most jeans used to have NO STRETCH at all, meaning they were made with 100% cotton denim. You can still get non-stretch jeans at AE, but with our amazing fabric technologies like Ne(X)t Level Flex, AirFlex, and Stretch, you can now get that the vintage-inspired denim look without giving up high-stretch comfort.


Making Better Ripped Jeans

There’s nothing better than a great pair of distressed or ripped jeans. Authentic distressing used to be something designers could achieve ONLY with non-stretch cotton denim. But our designers have introduced incredible, flexible fabrics like Ne(X)t Level Flex and AirFlex, which give you the comfort you’re looking for and hold up against the ripped, destroyed, and mended details you love.

We’re also incorporating laser technology – yes, lasers! – into the production of our ripped jeans. This helps with consistency, making sure that every single pair of jeans has precisely cut holes, rips, and tears.


Creating More Sustainable Jeans

We’re really into figuring out how technology can help us make more sustainable products, which is where lasers come back in. Yes with the lasers again! Believe it or not, using laser technology to fade and distress jeans helps us create more eco-friendly washes by helping us cut back on the water required to get your AE jeans’ washes just right.

And, because we care about the planet and YOU, we’re testing new chemicals and treatments that are better for the environment. We’ve shared some of our sustainability goals and initiatives on this blog before, and we’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress. This is just the beginning.


Leading the Way with #Trending Styles

How boring would it be to wear the same jeans every day? Our designers feel the same way. Which is why they’re always dreaming up new styles that are destined for your closet. Here are just a few of their recent creations we can’t get enough of!

AE Men's Jeans

For Guys

If you’re a guy who works out, you should give Athletic Fit jeans a try. They’re designed with more room through the seat and thigh – perfect for guys with more muscular legs. Other new styles you should give a shot? The Dad jean for a laid-back, tapered fit, and the Stacked Skinny jean, made with a longer inseam for an on-trend stacked look.

AE Men's Jeans

Our designers are also excited for you to try AE’s latest destroyed jeans. With bold destruction like shredded hems, blown-out knees, contrast mending, big rips, and dramatic tears, AE’s ripped jeans are getting better and better.

AE Women's Jeans

For Girls

Mom jeans and high-waisted jeans are modern classics. But our designers are all about the fresh details, so they’ve gone ahead and added pleats, paperbag waists, and ripped knees for a very “now” spin, plus designed them in every wash they could think of. They’ve also upped the game with unexpected colors and patterns, including plaids, stripes, and even animal print.

AE Women's Jeans

And how could we not mention the genius innovation that is Curvy jeans? Designed with more room through the hips and thighs, these jeans will help you say goodbye forever to waistband gapping and sizing up.



Show us how you wear your American Eagle jeans by tagging us on Instagram & Twitter with #AExME or #AEJeans @americaneagle and you could be featured on our site, social media or blog!




You have the power to build a better future. Which is why, in celebration of today’s National Voter Registration Day, we’re excited to share our latest collaboration with the AExME Council – tees in support of getting out the vote. These tees feature hand-drawn graphics inspired by the Council, with ALL sales benefiting HeadCount.

Read on to learn more about how these AExME Council members collaborated with the AE design team, and why voting is truly the ultimate way to show your individuality and self-expression.



Joseph Touma

Bridge the Divide Co-Founder, @josephmtouma

AExME Council Member Joseph Touma

Q: What was your inspiration?

Today, the United States finds itself increasingly divided. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember one of the fundamental ideas behind America – we are a group of people, with different backgrounds, experiences, and political beliefs, all living together in unity. This tee emphasizes the most significant word in our country’s name, “United,” and reminds me of the importance of respecting and caring for all Americans, regardless of the labels that are often used to divide us.

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

As a member of the #AExME Council, I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the design process at AE. When they told me I could design a shirt, I wanted to make something that illustrated the message of my organization, Bridge the Divide, in a simple yet meaningful way. After several months of communication with the design experts at AE, I’m thrilled to see the final look and pumped to share it with the world!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

The United States is more than a country. It’s a set of ideas, with democracy at its core, that only works if we, the people, vote. HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that registers voters regardless of their political preferences. All voices deserve to be heard, and at the end of the day, the importance of voting is one thing we can all agree on. Right now, millions of people around the world are fighting for the same opportunity. We must remember how lucky we are even to have the chance to cast a ballot in the first place. So, whether you are young or old, rich or poor, progressive or conservative, everyone has the right and responsibility to vote.

Tim Johnson, Jr.

Actor & Musician, @cityboyjr

AExME Council Member Tim Johnson, Jr.

Q: What was your inspiration?

The idea for the shirt design came when I went to Pittsburgh for our first AExME Council meeting. I saw this painting in the hotel we were staying at of this beautiful black woman with positive words that created the Afro on her head. I was like, “Woahhh, this is cool.” It inspired me to start writing down things that bring me joy. I feel like sometimes in our minds, we have a collage of negativity, so creating a shirt filled with positive vibes can help remind us that light will extinguish the darkness.

AExME Voter Registration Tees

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

I sent different words to the design team and they got right on it! And they did their thing!!!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

I feel like we need to break down what we stand for as citizens of this country and what qualities we want in our leaders. I’m thankful to platforms like American Eagle who understand that we hold the power to change this culture no matter who we are. So vote for yourself and for others who can’t.


Samuel Getachew

Award-Winning Poet, @samuelgd

AExME Council Member Samuel Getachew

Q: What was your inspiration?

“Pass the mic” is a pretty common phrase, but it has taken on higher importance for me as of late. As a spoken word poet, I encounter a lot of microphones. For my art form, mics are an instrument of power and expression. They represent a platform and a voice. The possession of a mic is a privilege. We all hold privilege in some form – at varying degrees, yes, but some privilege nonetheless. It is so incredibly vital that we recognize the platforms and mics we are given, and recognize that not everyone has the same privilege we do. Rather than speaking for people who are less fortunate than ourselves, we must lend our platforms to project their voices. Now more than ever, we must pass the mic.

Q: How did you collaborate with the AE design team?

I had a lot of ideas for designs, so I sent them all over to the design team. They sent back their feedback, and we decided on the one phrase. Then they sent over initial designs, and I gave my thoughts on which I felt communicated the message best. After a few discussions on colors and prints, we decided on the final product!

Q: Why does voter registration matter?

The franchise is one of the many privileges that we as Americans often take for granted. When we abstain from democracy, our very political system malfunctions. But we also live and work within a system that is intentionally designed to create a group of voters and a group of non-voters, creating barriers based on race, class, gender, and more. Voter registration and education and organizations like HeadCount are vital because they seek to break down those barriers, and establish a government that truly works for the people. However, it is important to remember that not everyone can vote – in fact, many of the people most impacted by government policy are disenfranchised due to citizenship status or criminal records. We must also lend our privileges to them, voting with them in mind, and recognizing the immensity of the gift that is our right to vote.



These AExME Council members are changing the world, and so are YOU. Tag #AExME @americaneagle to share how you’re using your voice to inspire change.


Fall Faves: Sweaters & Fleece Hoodies

You know what time it is – the best time of the year. It’s the season of pumpkin-flavored everything, falling leaves, and breaking out all your favorite cold-weather sweaters and fleece hoodies. These fall staples give you tons of options for changing up your style and keeping cozy when temps drop.



Sweater Weather = Better Weather

Pullover sweaters are a dream come true this time of year, whether you’re picking apples, exploring a corn maze, or just walking home from class on a chilly day. With lightweight and heavier knit options, plus fits including cropped, oversized, and boxy, there’s a sweater for every outfit.

AE Pullover Sweaters

Go for a classic crewneck sweater in an anything-but-ordinary animal print, or go old-school in a cropped v-neck with a retro-collegiate vibe. Love henleys but want something warmer? A pullover henley sweater has that casual vibe of your fave tee, in a chunky knit that keeps you toasty as an autumn bonfire.


Classic Cardigans

For all those on-the-go moments when you need an extra layer, keep a cardigan sweater handy. Cardigans – in styles like button front, open front, oversized, and cropped – are MADE for layering over other women’s tops already in your closet, including those tanks and tees you’ve been wearing all summer long. For the ultimate fall vibe, wear an open front cardigan over a graphic tee with high-waisted jeans, or pair a long cardigan with an oversized t-shirt and leggings for a look that takes you from the library to a weekend hayride.


Fleece Fever

Fleece sweatshirts and hoodies keep you ready for everything this season has to offer. Hitting up a haunted house? Wear fleece. Going to a fall festival? Fleece is the answer. Fleece is the answer. Taking a hike to take in the changing leaves? You guessed it: a soft fleece pullover will keep you comfy.

AE Sweatshirts

With fits including slouchy and cropped, you can style your fleece up or down. Wear an oversized sweatshirt with high-waisted jeans to keep the relaxed vibes going, or pair a fleece pullover with overalls for a throwback-inspired look.

Show us your fleece and sweater outfits by tagging us on Instagram & Twitter with #AExME or #AEJeans @americaneagle and you could be featured on our site, social media or blog!