Meet the Cast: Brian

Meet the Cast: Brian


Meet Brian, a sports enthusiast from Bowie, MD. Learn more about Brian’s experience as part of Project Live Your Life: Miami and follow him on Instagram.

You enjoy being healthy and playing sports. What are your favorite ways to stay active?

I have a weekly workout routine. Besides that, I play pickup games with all my friends, whether it’s basketball, soccer, football, tennis or volleyball.

Who in the athlete world do you admire?

Roger Federer inspired me to pick up tennis. His poise on the court was so natural and pushed me to be the best I could be. One day I hope I can find myself across the net exchanging serves with him before he retires!

What is your inspiration for staying motivated and focused?

Positivity. I always am focused on the next step ahead and never let the negatives in life get me down for an instant. Staying focused on the blessings in my life drives me in my pursuit to achieve success.

You also enjoy cooking. What are your favorite recipes to make?

I’m not one to follow recipes- I see something I like and tweak it to make it my own.

Do you have any cooking traditions?

Being Filipino. all my traditions are from the islands. Getting together with my family and cooking our food reminds me of being home again.

Is this your first time to Miami? What about this city inspires you?

Yes- Miami is alive with culture and excitement. I’m inspired to go out and learn how people from Miami live it up!

You’ve seen Wynwood Walls transform from a blank slate into a work of art. How did you feel during the transformation of the lot?

It feels good contributing to a place in order to make it better. I’m thankful for the opportunity to give back to the city of Miami.

What inspired you to create your part of the mural?

It’s a combination of my life experiences as a whole: where I’m from, where I am now, and where I’m going.

You’re from Bowie, MD. What do you heart about your city?

My city is right on the outskirts of DC. It attracts artistic, outgoing, fun people that create and inspire me. Coming to Bowie, I’ve connected with so many people who just want to have fun and are care free like me. That’s what I love about my city.

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