AE Friends & Family: Meet Tuan T., Hairstylist

AE Friends & Family: Meet Tuan T., Hairstylist

Tuan T. has been styling hair for fifteen years and has been working with American Eagle Outfitters for the past four, on photo shoot sets and in the studio. Tuan is both friend and family to AE – his wife, Allison, works on our accessories team! Read below for a little glimpse into Tuan’s amazing career and personality.

How did you discover your passion for styling hair?

I always looked at magazines as a teen seeking out cool styles created in the editorials.

How did you get your start as a hair stylist?

My friend knew a producer that was taking care of the H&M show designed that season by Karl Lagerfeld. There were like 100 models and the key hairdresser Orlando Pita needed many many hands on board to create all the looks. After that Orlando asked me to help out on all of his shows from New York to Milan to Paris. It was such an eye opening time.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

My father. He owned this little barbershop and I would spend hours there watching all the barbers shape the hair on all the clients. There was a point where the shop was extremely busy and all you could see would be the many different colors of hair on the floor.

What is your dream job?

Already living it.  I get to do what I love the most.

tuan anh tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters emily beth bond spring 2013

Tuan does Emily Beth’s hair during our Spring 2013 photo shoot.

What is next on your ‘To Do In Life’ list?

I would love to have a hair care line and a salon with an advanced education program.

How would you describe your style?

Effortless. I like things to look beautiful without over doing it.

How does your work influence your style?

Your work environment and the people you collaborate with totally affects your vision.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love old photography and art books.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for your job?

Girdwood, Alaska. Actually it was for American Eagle a few years ago. We had to shoot on top of one of the glaciers. And the best part was taking a helicopter to get to the top. Who gets to say they traveled to work via helicopter?

tuan anh tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters holiday 2011 alaska photo shoot

Tuan on set at our Holiday 2011 photo shoot in Alaska.

What was your favorite part of the AE Spring 2013 shoot?

Shooting in and around Los Angeles.  There are so many different terrains and backdrops to choose from.  You could literally be on the beach with an amazing sunset or in the desert with strong wind kicking back dust.

tuan ahn tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters jenna menard make up stylist laurel wells producer lindsey michelle spring 2013

Tuan (far right) with make-up artist Jenna M., cast member Lindsey, and producer Laurel W. during the Spring 2013 photo shoot.

How did you incorporate each kid’s personal style into their hair style for the Spring 2013 shoot?

Well I wanted each kid to have their own personality shine through their look. For example, Malia is from Oahu, Hawaii. It was the very end of the day and we were losing light.  The team insisted that we power through to get the shot,  but it started to rain and her hair got wet. In normal situations people would freak out and say, ” Oh no, we have to dry her hair off and re-do everything!”  But her hair actually looked really cool and made total sense wet.  Sometimes you have to go with certain scenarios and they end up being happy accidents.

Malia Murphey American Eagle Outfitters Spring 2013 Hair By Tuan Anh Tran

Tuan decided Malia’s hair in the rain fit her personality for this shot.

Do you have any cool interests or hobbies?

I love to cycle and to build bikes from scratch.  Finding the right components that go with each other when building a bike is the most gratifying thing to do.  Cycling gives me time to zone out and let my mind go.

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