No scare don’t care… our top 10 Halloween traditions

Happy Halloween! In our opinion, today is the most fun day of the year (and obviously the scariest). We’ve rounded up 10 of the top Halloween traditions for you… so we hope you’re ready to get spooked.


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Read Christine by Stephen King
There’s a ton of Halloween-ready lore out there, and Stephen King is its master. While Christine might be considered tame by some (or, okay, most), this tale of a car that comes to life and kills everyone in its wake is still pretty terrifying. (And now we have absolutely no desire to ever name our cars again.)

Eat Halloween Themed Treats
Type “Halloween food” into Pinterest and you’ll have your pick of scary goodness to choose from. We had a tough time deciding on our favorite treat, but we ended up going with Boo Sushi… because how on earth are you going to be able to come up with something more creative than sushi rolls topped with body parts?

Download The Zombie Me App
Especially suited to those who love The Walking Dead, but come on… anyone can have a little (too much) fun turning their normal, everyday pictures into scary zombified creatures. It’s pretty much the best reason to take a selfie today.

Watch Scary Horror Movies
Whether you hide under a blanket on the couch or brave the theater, there is absolutely no better time to watch a scary movie than on Halloween night. There are a few new releases to choose from this year, but we’re going with Annabelle… because there’s really nothing more frightening than a doll connected to the supernatural. (And while this movie has been banned in parts of France, we’re not too scared to watch it. We think.)

Watch Campy Horror Movies
If you’re in the mood to laugh more than scream this Halloween, you HAVE to watch Hocus Pocus. The cult classic stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy as three witches who come back from the dead to terrorize a small, sleepy town. While you probably won’t be too scared by this movie, it’s still definitely a must see.

Do The “Thriller” Dance
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is at the top of every Halloween music playlist, and for good reason. The music video is one of the best of all time, in large part to the infamous dance sequence. Get ready to bust a move.

Carve A Pumpkin
What would Halloween be without pumpkin carving? It’s the best way to show off your artistic skills (or, okay, how all you can do is cut triangles for eyes). Be sure to scoop out the seeds and roast them, too (we recommend doing so with a bit of garlic olive oil and a pinch of sea salt).

Go On A Hayride
Bundle up, drink some cider and grab your friends for a hayride on a crisp fall night. Bonus points if it’s through a haunted graveyard.

Wear A Costume
This one might be obvious, but we’re including it anyway… because Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a costume. Think beyond the typical cat, witch or ghost this year by dressing up like your favorite celebrities.

Visit A Haunted House
This is hands down one of our favorite annual traditions. Getting spooked is, yes, scary… but isn’t that the point? Just be sure you’re ready to scream.

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DIY: Halloween Pumpkin Painting

We love Halloween at Aerie! Haunted houses in our conference rooms, pumpkin spice latte breaks, and of course, pumpkin picking! This year we put our carving tools away and opted for an unexpected alternative to pumpkin carving – pumpkin painting. Read on below to learn how our team created 3 easy no-carve pumpkin DIY ideas to help you make your Halloween extra BOO-tiful!

DIY Pumpkin Painting - Halloween at Aerie

What You’ll Need

Multi-surface paint in a vintage finish

Spray paint in the color of your choice (we love gold metallic tones!)

Painter’s tape

Paintbrushes in various sizes

A dropcloth or newspaper

Fun stickers

Loose glitter


Vintage White 

Our first pumpkin painting idea is simple and classic. Our team used a 2fl oz bottle of multi-surface acrylic craft paint to cover the entire pumpkin except the stem. We used 1 flat brush and 1 small brush to paint carefully around the top.


Voila! Now the white pumpkin gives you a sort of blank canvas to design anything you would like – continue reading to see what we did to complete the look.

Leaf It Be 

We painted another one of our pumpkins classic white, let it dry for 2 hours, and added one more very simple step. Using stickers purchased at a local craft store, we embellished the white surface to make one very chic pumpkin!

Preppy Pumpkin 

Our last pumpkin DIY is a bit more difficult and will take more time. Use 1.5″ painters tape to create 2-3 chevron lines across the circumference of your pumpkin.
6 7

After you finish taping your pumpkin, use a can of spray paint to color the tape-free sections. We chose gold because of the metallic finish, but feel free to try any color!

8 Let your now spray-painted pumpkin dry for at least 30 minutes. Very carefully, peel off the tape. 9

You did it! Be sure to show us your pumpkin creations with #AerieREAL on Instagram and Twitter.

10 - Instagram

We can’t forget about the lil’ pumpkins! We sprayed a few with gold or white spray paint and added some sparkles for extra glam!

11 12 13 14 - Instagram

Sitting pretty on our new blanket scarf15 - Instagram

Which pumpkin design is your favorite? Comment below!
16Happy Halloween, Aerie girls!



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Halloween Costumes Inspired by #AEOSTYLE

Can you believe Halloween is this Friday, October 31st, already?? Some of you have been planning your costumes for a while now but for the rest of you procrastinators (us included), we’ve got a few #AEOSTYLE ideas just for you inspired by some of our favorite musicians, emoji’s and more. Take a look at what we’ve put together and rock one of these costumes this year.


Waffled Bodycon Dress
Scrunched Ballet Flat

Get The Look: Katness Everdeen
Hooded Military Jacket
Real Soft Favorite Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Kick Boot Pant
Rugged Lace Front Boot

Get The Look: Lorde
Don’t Ask Why Maxi Tank Dress
Cropped Mock Neck T-Shirt
DV by Dolce Vita Caprice Bootie
FJALLRAVEN Kanken Backpack



Get The Look: Running Emoji
Legend Crew T-Shirt
Loose Jean
Dr. Marten Core 1461 Oxford

Get The Look: Peeta Mellark
Legend Crew T-Shirt
40Weft Cargo Pant
Bed Stu Patriot Boot

Get The Look: Pharrell Williams
Plaid Button Down Shirt
Legend Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Suede Boat Shoe
Skinny Jean

Tell us what you are dressing up as for Halloween this year in the comments below.

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Throwback Thursday: Halloween

Throwback Thursday: Halloween

We love a good #ThrowbackThursday at the American Eagle Outfitters Home Office. We wanted to celebrate Halloween by sharing some of our childhood Halloween photos. We hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane just as much as we did!


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Caren I., Merchant Order Specialist, as a duck at 4 years old.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Courtney B., Senior Creative Visual Coordinator, as a puppy at age 1.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Rachel K. (left), Associate Footwear & Accessories Buyer as Superwoman at age 3.

American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Cassie P., Social Media Marketing Coordinator, as a genie at age 4.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Janelle H., Women’s Wovens and Outerwear Assistant Buyer, as grapes.

American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Katie B., Associate Buyer, as Snow White at age 5.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Andrew G., Aerie Web Designer, age 4 as Superman.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Morgan H., Marketing Research & Testing Coordinator at age 3 as a fairy princess.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Laura K., Accessories & Footwear Buyer at age 5 as a unicorn.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Jamie S., AEO Copy Director, as a flapper girl at age 11.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Stephanie N., International Marketing Manager as a vampire at age 9.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Tara W., International Marketing Coordinator as a Hulu Girl at age 8.


American Eagle Outfitters Throwback Thursday Halloween

Stephanie N., International Marketing Manager as a clown at age 5.

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Get Inspired: #AEOStyle Icons

Get Inspired: #AEOStyle Icons

Get inspired by scary awesome #AEOStyle icons from our favorite Halloween movies.



American Eagle Outfitters Halloween #AEOSTYLE icons


Get the look:

1) AEO Rose Gold Studs

2) AE Pointelle Knit Scarf

3) AE Lace Paneled Handkerchief Dress

4) AEO Studded Ballet Flat




American Eagle Outfitters Halloween #AEOSTYLE icons


Get the look:

1) AE Tweed Blazer

2) Slim Straight Jean in Black

3) Timberland Earthkeepers Tremont Boot

4) AE Legend Crew T-Shirt


Teen Wolf


American Eagle Outfitters Halloween #AEOSTYLE icons


Get the look:

1) AE Varsity Jacket

2) AE Plaid Button Down Shirt

3) PF Flyers Center Hi Sneaker

4) Original Boot Jean


Wednesday Adams

American Eagle Outfitters Halloween #AEOSTYLE icons


Get the look:

1) AE Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

2) AEO Rugged Lace Front Boot

3) AE Girlfriend Shirt

4) AEO Leather Belt

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