How To Style The Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Skirt With Style By The People

You’ve already met the Vintage Hi-Rise Jean and the Vintage Hi-Rise Festival short – now, we’re bringing you the latest addition to the Vintage Hi-Rise fam, our denim skirt! The Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Skirt has all of the details you love about the jean in skirt form: rigid denim fabric so you can wear it in just right, a slightly frayed hem for a totally effortless vibe and a rise that sits on your natural waist! We teamed up with blogger Erin Grey from Style By The People to get her styling tips for a piece as iconic as the denim skirt. Check out Erin’s full look below & let us know how you’ll style the denim skirt in the comments (or take a pic & show us for a chance to be featured in our Style Gallery)!

Style By The People shows you her take on the new hi-rise denim mini skirt.

Meet Erin:
“Meet Erin – the fashion loving, travel obsessed, California girl behind the blog Style by the People. Growing up in a fashionable city and traveling around the world, fashion quickly evolved from a personal interest to a calling. With professional experiences as a stylist and marketer, Erin decided to take a leap and go public with her fashion musings. Style by the People began as a passion project to share her ever-evolving personal style and adventures, hoping to inspire others and invite them to join her journey, celebrating life, one outfit at a time”

Style By The People shows you her take on the new hi-rise denim mini skirt.

What Inspired Erin’s Look:
“I am known for being a bit denim obsessed, so any opportunity to wear denim – whether it be jeans, cut off shorts, or a denim skirt – I will take! I am all for taking trendy pieces and making them feel right to me — so with the weather warming up and festival season around the corner, I wanted to figure out a way to be able to wear a denim skirt again. Combining this vintage cut-off denim skirt with a kelly green sweatshirt felt like the perfect update to this 90’s trend, and my modern take on the classic cut off skirt.”

Style By The People shows you her take on the new hi-rise denim mini skirt.

Shop the Look: Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Skirt | Long Sleeve Choker Top (Similar) | Buckle Heeled Boot (Similar)

Show us how you’re styling the Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Skirt using #AEOSTYLE on Instagram & Twitter for a chance to be featured in our Style Gallery.

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Love the Swim You’re in with Jenna Kutcher

The adventure begins with you. #AerieREAL girl Jenna Kutcher shares her journey to finding rest, achieving self-love and body acceptance on the island of Maui.

“For the past six years I’ve spent hour after hour hustling after my dreams! After leaving my windowless corporate office, I’ve never looked back. Now a full time photographer, educator, public speaker, and podcaster, my life is filled to the brim with things that set my soul on fire. While some look at the life I’ve built and consider it a “success,” I measure success in terms of rest and presence. For so long I’ve worked from a place of hustle, a place of stress, and I knew that going into this year I wanted to focus on incorporating true rest into our lives.”

Love the Swim You're In

Shop Jenna’s Look: Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit

“What did that look like for us? Well, it looked like a month long sabbatical in Maui. I’m sure you’re thinking, wait, what? A whole month? Yes. We spent 33 days on the island and it was as magical as it sounds. What people didn’t see behind the scenes was the work that went into making it all happen: my husband left his job of five years to start his own business, we worked double time in January to prepare, we had to kiss our furry pups goodbye, but it was our dream and we made it happen.

This trip to Hawaii was a redemption song for us. Just one year ago we found out we were expecting our first baby while in Maui and celebrated those blissful days on the island. One month after returning home we experienced a miscarriage and had to say goodbye to that life we loved so dearly. As a woman, it was such a painful experience. I hated my body, I felt outside of it, I felt like it had failed me – though I had this peace that there was a bigger story for us.

As we packed for our trip this time around, my suitcase filled with Aerie. I had to smile because just a year ago I was a part of this campaign and my images were from when I was pregnant. As I slipped into my one piece and hit the beach, I finally felt back at home – both in Hawaii and in my skin. I felt stronger, healthier, more emotionally present. Body positivity isn’t just about our outer appearance, it comes from within.”

Love the Swim You're In

“Our month on the island was a time for us to reconnect, to disconnect from work, to dream bigger, to sit on the beach, to explore each corner. It was a time for me to come back to this body that has carried me for 28 years and to celebrate all of the amazing things it can do. Aerie embodies all the things I stand for and in sharing my real, not retouched images I was reminded how important it is for people to take a stand for what they believe in.

I am always shocked at the response when I post things about my body. So may days I would see the images Drew took of me, my eyes would well up with tears about my size ten bod, I would change swim suits, be tempted to cover up, and would vow that I wouldn’t be caught dead at the pool…. But then I would think of you and why I couldn’t hide. 

You see, these images don’t do well because of me, it’s because of you. You see yourself in my jiggly thighs, you feel your fears in my cellulite, you hear the voice in your head when you see my extra loving love handles, you feel more at home in my wide hips, you relate to one boob being a bit perkier than the other, you feel the shame in oversized arms… BUT (and this is a BIG but) we are all so much more than all of that.”

Love the Swim You're In

“Maybe it’s simply refreshing to see a double digit sized body baring it all or just a body that isn’t retouched. Whatever it is, I am loving myself a little harder and praying that you’ll do the same! I am not a number on a scale or a size in my clothes, neither are you! 

Our time was incredible, SO incredible we ended up purchasing a second home on the island. It’s become a sacred place to us – a place of healing and rest. We are thrilled to get to spend more time in our bathing suits on the beach and are even more thrilled to open our doors to our friends, family, and followers and let them into our little slice of heaven. Oh, what an amazing redemption song it is.”

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#WeAllCan X Project 24

One  in  every  10  people  globally  lack  access  to  clean  water,  with 1 in 4 using  a  drinking  water  source  with  fecal contamination. It’s time we  change  this!  This  World  Water  Day,  March  22,  American Eagle Outfitters is  joining  forces with  Planet  Water  Foundation for PROJECT  24.

PROJECT  24’s  mission is to  build  24  water  filtration  systems  in  24  hours,  bringing  clean  water  to  24,000  people across 5  countries including  Cambodia,  Colombia,  India,  Indonesia,  and  the  Philippines.  American Eagle Outfitters has sponsored  one  of  the  24  clean water  towers  that  are  part  of  this  initiative  providing  critical  support  to  a community  in  need  in  Greater Delhi, India.

American Eagle Outfitters is  honored  to  step  up  to  the  challenge  and  play  an  important  role  in  helping  change the  lives  of  24,000 people  in  a  span  of  just  24  hours. Join  us  and  together  we  will  abolish  water  poverty,  one  community  at  a time!

In efforts to help bring clean water to communities, we are donating 15,000 dollars to build a water tower at Sangat Green Public School in Deri Machha Village. Ajay, a Grade 6 student at the school said, “I carry my drinking water from home as school water is dirty, and it smells bad. I feel sick for days after drinking water at school.”

American Eagle Outfitters is proud to help bring clean, filtered water to thousands of people in Deri Machha.  You can help provide clean water to even more kids in need by visiting

Happy World Water Day!

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Real Talk with Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane had us at: Move. Nourish Believe.

It’s not just the story behind the Australian brand’s activewear, it’s in everything that Lorna Jane stands for. We’re so excited to showcase this amazing brand in the Aerie Spring Street pop-up shop and at, and even more excited to get to know Lorna Jane herself! Read on for our interview.

Real Talk with Lorna Jane

What inspired you to launch Lorna Jane?

LJ: Believe it or not, it wasn’t actually a conscious decision to build my business or a brand – I was just working as a fitness instructor and I couldn’t find any activewear that inspired me to work out – so I started to make my own. When I started wearing my designs to the gym, all the women in my classes wanted them too so I started taking orders, and it just grew from there. I’d always had a knack for sewing and used to crochet bikinis for all of my friends in high school, but it wasn’t until patterns and fabric had completely taken over most of my house that I realized just how big this could be. So I quit my full time job, and decided to take designing activewear more seriously – and I’ve never looked back!

You coined the term “activewear” in 1989 – what is your go-to fitness outfit?

LJ: I know, can you believe it! And now it’s an entire category. I had to come up with a name that allowed women to wear their fitness clothing beyond their workouts because at the time it was all running gear, or yoga pants, or gym shorts etc. I just wanted my customers to wear Lorna Jane products all day so that they could BE MORE ACTIVE – and so Activewear was born.

I have to admit, I wear activewear, everywhere, and from the office, right through to TV appearances, you name it, I’ve done it #inmyactivewear! My go-to outfit would have to be a pair of my favorite black tights, a slouchy gym tank or T-shirt, a maximum support sports bra and a chambray shirt tied around my waist. It lets me go from work to my workout – and the only thing I have to change is my shoes!

Your Active Living philosophy has evolved into a global movement. What is the first step for #AerieREAL girls to begin incorporating this philosophy into a daily practice?

LJ: The great thing about Active Living is that it makes being fit and healthy easy by breaking it down into the daily practice of MOVE NOURISH and BELIEVE. It’s as simple as committing to move your body, nourish your body and have a positive mindset every day. And the best thing is that you only have make small changes each day but overtime you will be changing how you think and how you want to live your life. So today for example, my move is to hold a yoga pose for an extra 20 seconds, my nourish is to drink more water and my believe is to smile at everyone I see. Trust me, once you start setting yourself MNB intentions every morning, it will just become habit, it won’t take any effort at all and you will be a fitter and heathier version of yourself.

Real Talk with Lorna Jane

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

LJ: To believe in yourself and back your ideas 100%. Because it will take everything you’ve got to make your dreams a reality and if you don’t believe wholeheartedly in what you do, then nobody else will!  People thought I was crazy 27 years ago when I told them I was going to design activewear and people would wear it everywhere – but never once did I doubt my vision or feel like giving up when the going got tough. Because that’s what it takes!

What is your favorite piece from the Lorna Jane collection?

LJ: Now that’s a hard one! But if I have to choose I would say that my favorite pieces are always the ones with inspirational sayings on them. I really do believe in the power of positivity and when I’m wearing activewear with words like No Excuses, Never Give Up or Workout Warrior on them it really does motivate and inspire me through my workouts and also in life.

What makes you #AerieREAL?

LJ: I started designing activewear because I wanted to inspire women to work out, but over the years it has become so much more than that! I still want all women to be fit and healthy but I also want to inspire them to love and believe in themselves and to create amazing lives for themselves.  As women, we have the tendency to compare ourselves to others and get fixated on what we don’t like about ourselves instead of celebrating what we love!  This needs to change and I’m determined to help women build a healthy relationship with themselves so they can go through their life with self-love, self-belief and confidence!


For more inspiration from Lorna, follow her on Instagram @ljclarkson.

Real Talk with Lorna Jane

Need some summer workout inspo? Check out our 10-minute beach workout!


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Happy spring!

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Love The Swim You’re In! #AerieREAL


Love the swim you’re in! For the second year in a row, we’re asking #AerieREAL girls to help us bring body positivity to the beach and beyond. For every 100% unretouched swim photo you post with #AerieREAL, we’ll donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the National Eating Disorders Association.

To keep up with all the love, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And share your photos! Tell us why YOU love the swim you’re in and encourage your friends to join, too. Because EVERY body is a perfect beach body.




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