#AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition: Mid-Rise Super Skinny

We believe in one-of-a-kind fits, not one size fits all. We put our blood, sweat and tears into designing the best fits, the latest washes and sizes designed for everybody.

We teamed up with An Dyer from Haute Pink Pretty to style our Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans. From the mid-rise waist to the super skinny fit, this is the jean that looks equally as dressed up with heels or dressed down with your favorite t-shirt and sneakers.

What inspired An’s look:
These AEO jeans fit perfectly and are so comfortable that I decided to style them with a casual tank for an easy laid back look. The light jacket adds a cool visual element and I can easily tie it around my waist or drape it over my shoulders when I’m not wearing it. I polished off the look with a statement watch and a charm necklace to elevate the ensemble.

HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters HautePinkPretty for American Eagle Outfitters

Meet An:
Hi there! I’m An Dyer and I’m a personal style blogger at HautePinkPretty.com where I share all things fashion, foodie, style and beauty. I’m Vietnamese, and I was born and raised in sunny Southern California and currently live in Los Angeles. I blog full time but I also have another full time career in Technology Sales – as they say, better busy than bored, right?! Fashion breathes life into everything around me; it’s my creative outlet, mood booster, and I love that it’s a way to share and express who I am with the world!

Get An’s look:
Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans
Shimmery Dot Henley Tank
Chambray Bomber Jacket
Leaf Cluster Necklace
Braided Leather and Cord Belt
Silver Bracelet Watch

We want to see your best looks wearing the Mid-Rise Super Skinny. Tag your photo with #AEOSTYLE and #AEOJEANS for the chance to be featured on our blog, Tumblr or AE.com style gallery.

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#AskJenny Question of the Week: Will a Demi Bra Work for Me?

This week, our Fit and Style expert, Jenny Altman, tackles your questions on bra coverage! Read her pro tips to learn what amount of coverage is best for your shape and size.


Rachelle is all smiles in one of Jenny’s full coverage picks, the Sofie bra!

Q: I would really like to wear a demi bra, but I am fuller in that part of my breasts, so they pop out. Is that normal? What bras do you recommend that have full coverage?

A:  Great question! A demi bra is a bra that covers only half to three quarters of the breast, which means that it doesn’t give you as much coverage as a full coverage bra. A full coverage bra comes at least an inch or two higher across the breast, hence the name “full” coverage.

Another difference is what a demi cup bra does for your shape. It actually tilts the breast inward, creating more lift and coverage than your standard full coverage bra.

For you, your shape may work better with a full coverage bra. But before you give up on a demi (they are pretty gorgeous!), make sure you are trying on the right size. You may need to go up a cup size from what you have been wearing in that type of style. I suggest you go into an Aerie store and have a fitting with one of our Bra Experts. They also will have lots of suggestions for different style demi bras you can try, to see if we do have the right demi for you. Once you have your right size, trying on lots of styles is key to finding the perfect bra for you!

Sunnie Stretch Lightly Lined Bra

The Sunnie bra is one of Jenny’s go-to full coverage options.

If a demi is not your answer, then let’s certainly go for a full coverage bra, no problem! My personal favorites would have to be the Sunnie, Katie and Sofie. I think that if you get creative with fun colors and look for special details like lace, you will feel just as pretty in the full coverage as you would in the demi.

To see more of our full coverage and demi coverage options, shop all bras at Aerie.com! Our Bra Guide allows you to see bras in your cup size, to help you pick your perfect fit. Try a few to find the best style for you!



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Mani Monday: #AEOSTYLE inspired by nail polish

Nail polish inspiring fashion. Fashion inspiring nail polish. Whichever way you look at it, our new BTS 2014 nail color collection is full of gorgeous colors that we love wearing on our nails and that make us want to put together awesome new outfits! AEO’s Copy Director, Jamie S. here… I’m the one responsible for naming all of our products every season, including our nail polishes! I actually also have a beauty blog, The Beauty of Life, where I interview industry insiders, give you a look into some of my favorite products and beauty looks from the present (and from the past in my Throwback Thursday series), and (staying true to my nail polish obsession) create nail looks every Monday for my #ManiMonday series. Check out my swatches of two colors from the BTS 2014 collection here and see how they inspired a look we’re loving, and then be sure to head to my blog for a download on the rest of the collection!


 Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a gorgeous deep cobalt. It’s got just a little touch of neon to really make it pop, and the color payoff is incredibly rich. Two coats yield perfect, even, opaque color. This is one of those shades I want to wear year round on my fingers and toes. It’s just got that special something.


Shining Sea

Shining Sea is that color that just makes you go OOOHHH. The teal base is liberally packed with teal and yellow gold glitter, making the color shift and change with the light. It’s that kind of polish that just makes you keep staring at your nails all day long, just so you can keep admiring its beauty. This was definitely one of the most fun polishes I’ve gotten to name, since it’s really not like anything else I’ve seen out there. It’s the kind of color that makes me excited to paint my nails!


The perfect pairing for your blue hued nails

I think the two colors complement each other perfectly while still letting each one shine. The outfit we created was inspired by these two colors but really takes on a life of its own. These nail polishes are begging for an outfit that will make people sit up and take notice, and this is the look that does just that. A flowy floral print top with double racer-back straps and a handkerchief hem pairs perfectly back to a faded and whiskered jean. Add a wide-brimmed hat and suede booties with wraparound leather buckles and you’ve got a look that’s a little bit 70’s, a little bit boho and ALL parts cool. I love the way the blue and green polishes pop against the black and white of the top and the various browns of the accessories. This is a look that’s perfect for everything from brunch with your friends to a casual Saturday night date to a look that’s a little dressier for class.

The American Eagle Outfitters BTS 2014 Nail Color Collection is available in select AEO stores nationwide. Find your nearest store at ae.com.

Check out my thoughts on the rest of the BTS 2014 Nail Color Collection here.

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#AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition: Overalls

We believe in one-of-a-kind fits, not one size fits all. We put our blood, sweat and tears into designing the best fits, the latest washes and sizes designed for everybody.

Rima from Fire on the Head styled our Overalls as part of the #AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition. They’re one part old school, one part tomboy, all parts modern cool.

What inspired Rima’s look:
This pair of denim overalls makes looking cool for the new school year super easy. Paired with a slightly preppy v-neck sweater, a beanie and Birkenstocks, you’ll be both comfy and stylish heading to your classes. Oh, and be prepared for a ton of “WHERE did you get your overalls from?”


Meet Rima:
Rima is a business student and blogger/model/stylist (professional slashie) working and playing in Los Angeles. Fire on the Head chronicles Rima’s simple and clean tomboy aesthetic through personal style and shopable inspiration posts.

Get Rima’s look:
Tipped V-Neck Sweater
Destroyed Knit Beanie
Birkenstock Gizeh Habana Sandal

We want to see how your wear your Overalls. Tag your photo with #AEOSTYLE and #AEOJEANS for the chance to be featured on our blog, Tumblr or AE.com style gallery.

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Farewell AEO 2014 Interns!

At the end of every summer we experience the same bittersweet moment as we say goodbye to our amazing interns! One of those talented interns, Tyreke White, spent the summer in our photo studio and demonstrated his talent of creating beautiful imagery. Inspired by his love of the popular blog, turned book, Humans of New York, Tyreke had an idea that goes far beyond the camera lens.  He wanted to create a photo book that would capture the emotion and moments of his fellow colleagues to serve as a reminder of the special friendships formed for years to come.  A project that could be shared and hopefully just the beginning of his life long journey to inspire the world.

Introducing the 2014 AEO Interns:


Row 1, L to R: Kristen Pospychala, Tyreke White, Chelsea Schulze, Megan Lundy, Maria Ilochi, Mark Dai, Kristin Schmidt | Row 2, L to R: Natalia Concepcion, Kirsty Butchart, Allese Kukalis, Angie Minnick, Chris Uhler, Julia Goll, Ellie Seta, Taylor Johns  | Row 3, L to R: Jared Clemmensen, Kelsey Birsic, Timothy McNally, Laura McCanney, Lindsey Barbour, Wesley Jernigan, Ali Garoon, Tara Llewellyn | Row 4, L to R: Tiffany Trinh, Alex D’Angelo, Megan Albright, Abby Einwag, Brian Kang, Brooke Hanby, Nicholas Massina, and Eric Mink

Tyreke put six questions in a hat and had each of his colleagues randomly pull one out with the task to answer the question wholeheartedly.  The responses from each participant is what evoked the emotion that Tyreke caught on film. We chose our favorite answer from each question to share with you below:

What is your greatest fear?
“I’d have to say my biggest fear is not pursuing my dreams and not going after what I think’s most important to me, even if that means being selfish. I just don’t want to be complacent.” – Nick M.

In five years, what do you hope to have accomplished?
“What I hope to have accomplished in five years is a good start to my career coming out of college, maybe even looking at grad school at this point, and really just enjoying what I’m doing, waking up and being happy with where I am.” – Chris U.

To you, what defines true happiness?
“True happiness, to me, means not having to think about being happy because that’s just how you live your life.” – Alex D.

To you, what defines true success?
“I define true happiness as waking up every morning, being excited about the people I’m with, the things that I’m doing, what I value in life and having that surrounding me at all times and being a point of hope, drive, and motivation.” – Kelsey B.

What inspires you?
“What inspires me are people, traveling, and finding beauty in the little things.” – Lindsey B.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and how?
“My mom actually might be superwoman. The best advice she’s given me is to keep laughing no matter the circumstance because laughing will get you through anything. She’s always been right.” – Brooke H.


Meet Tyreke White:

“The reason I began my photographic journey five years ago was very simple, I wanted to capture the world. I wanted to capture those fleeting moments that we often times forget about as quickly as they happen, and photography was a good device for this. Photography has allowed me to explore the huge spectrum of human emotions and personalities. Above all, photography has given me a subtle voice, a way to express how I’m feeling and to fearlessly share my story, my passions, and my dreams. Storytelling was the true inspiration for this project, however. It’s all too easy to take for granted the fact that everyone has a unique story worth hearing and remembering. So, when that storytelling is coupled with a shutter-click, the story is immediately ingrained for eternity – in a manner that is not only delicate but also inspiring. It is in this way that I hope to inspire the world. Thank you, AEO, for giving me the opportunity to showcase the stories of my fellow interns. And thank you, Humans of New York, for the photographic inspiration.”

intern, AEOStyle

Wishing you all the success in the world as you conquer your dreams, Tyreke!!

We would love to hear what inspires you and what you think defines true happiness. Tell us in the comments below.

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#AEOStyle Bloggers and Editors Love

From Vegan Leather Moto Jackets to Straight Jeans, #AEOStyle has been on the radar of some of our favorite bloggers and magazines like Cosmo, Women’s Health, InStyle and more! Check out who’s talking about American Eagle Outfitters in this week’s #AEOStyle Bloggers and Editors Love.

Double feature! Cosmopolitan Magazine showcased our our Vegan Leather Moto Jacket in their One Piece, Two Ways article and our Lace-Up Sneaker in Your Outdoor-Concert Kit.

Shop the look:
Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Lace-Up Sneaker

The Glitter Guide featured our Ankle Strap Sandal in their 10 Items to Mix and Match When Traveling guide.


Shop the look:
Ankle Strap Sandal (shop similar)

InStyle says you can Still Look Cute in our Lightweight Varsity Jacket.


Shop the look:
Lightweight Varsity Jacket (shop similar)

Our Sky-High Denim Skirt was featured as part of Nylon Magazine‘s Best Denim Ever.


Shop the look:
Sky-High Denim Skirt (shop similar)

Our Hi-Rise Retro Shortie was featured on Refinery 29.



Shop the look:
Hi-Rise Retro Shortie

Front and center! Kaley Cuoco looks fantastic on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine in our Slim Jeans.

skinny arrow


Shop the look:
Slim Jean

People Style Watch puts our Vegan Leather Moto Jacket on their radar plus score loads of discounts with 25% off some #BackToSchool product!

Shop the look:
Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Lightweight Varsity Jacket (shop similar)
Lace-Up Sneaker
Embroidered Zipper Tote Bag
Quilted Moto Bootie
Sky-High Jegging
Tuxedo Stripe Fleece Jogger
Jegging Sweater
Acid Wash Girlfriend Shirt
Triple Chevron Necklace
Soft Circle Skirt

Tell us your favorite AEO piece in the comments below! Style on!

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