Meet the Dog: Oliver

Meet the Dog: Oliver

Introducing you to Oliver, one of the models for our new collection, American Beagle Outfitters. We asked his owner questions about Oliver so we could learn more about the spunky shih tzu starring in our campaign.

Dog Name: Oliver Fancy Scottfield

Dog Age: 1.5 years old

Dog Breed: Shih Tzu


Oliver looking ready for the sun in his shades and neon pink board shorts.

Why did you think your dog would be a good model for our newest line?

He loves fashion and showing up at the dog park in style!

Does your dog have any shameful secrets?

He often torments the cat that he can see out of the living room window periodically.

What’s your dog’s most embarrassing moments?

When he passes gas, he often hides his head under a pillow in shame.

What is your dog’s favorite outfit to wear?

His grey wool turtle neck sweater with an American flag on the back.

Would you recommend American Beagle Outfitters to other dogs?

Yes, we love the collection!

Is your dog single or attached?

Single for now, he is a ladies’ man though.

Ride in the car vs. Walk in the park?

Both, he loves to hang his head out of the window on road trips but lives for a stroll through the city.

Rope vs. Fetch?

Fetch, not even a question.

Favorite treat?

He loves to eat natural, so any treats with natural ingredients he loves. If there are preservatives he often shys away, summer is only a few months away after all.

Why did you pick this specific dog?

He looks almost identical to the peek-a-poo that I grew up with, her name was Samee Jo.


Oliver with the portrait of Samee Jo.

What was it like seeing him for the first time after you purchased the dog?

It was love at first sight. He cuddled on my lap the entire 2 hour drive home. For the first 2 days he refused to walk, he would only scoot on his belly.

Is the dog an only child?

For now, yes. He really wants a ginger shih tzu sister named Fancy (named after the Reba McIntyre song “Fancy”)

What words does he know?

“Bearhead” his nickname, “Lanai” what we call our outdoor patio, “Aunt Sis” what he calls my sister, “Outside” and “Where’s the Fly?” he immediately looks up at the ceiling/sky.

What tricks can he do?

Oliver and I take a ball on the floor and push it back and forth to each other with our noses.

Describe your dog’s personality in 5 words.


Who are your Oliver’s best friends? Any neighborhood animals?

Brody our neighbor dog and Oliver are best buds, they share a dog walker and hang out on the weekends, they are inseparable.

Where does your dog sleep?

At the foot of the bed. In the morning he crawls between us and gives us his morning kisses, this can go on for up to 30 minutes. And then, as soon as you say “outside?!” he leaps out of bed to the front door.

Is there anything your dog won’t do?

He will never leave our sight. We can be in the apartment or playing in the park, he always knows where we are.

Does your dog have any favorite TV shows?

Anything on DOGTV, a network through Direct TV. He watches it all day when his daddies are at work.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic lines with pops of happy colors

What is your dog’s #AEOStyle?

Casual for day and hip for the evening. He prefers looks that can take him from a play date in the afternoon to walk downtown in the evening.

What do you think of your dog’s outfit?

It’s such a great sunny day look for him, he can’t wait for his LA trip later this month to debut his hot pink trunks by the pool.

Where would your dog wear American Beagle Outfitters?

He would wear it everywhere, on vacation, on walks, to the dog park, the Vet Appointments, to the bar (yes, there are dog friendly bars in NY)

What would be the perfect look for you to match your dog?

We would love to wear identical denim, tee and a bomber jacket, it’s both of our favorite looks.

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