Meet the Cast: Adria

Meet the Cast: Adria

Meet Adria, an artist from St. Pete’s Beach, Florida and winner of American Eagle Outfitter’s Project Live Your Life. We asked Adria what it was like to live in the sunshine state and where she finds her inspiration for her art. Keep reading to learn more about Adria and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s it like living in the sunshine state?

It’s awesome being able to walk right across the street to the beach. It’s nice to escape the super hot weather sometimes though!

Where are your favorite places to go in St. Pete’s Beach?

The beach, Starbucks and anywhere there is a photo opportunity.

What sports do you partake in?

I used to do cheer-leading and track but now I just focus on my art and drawing.

You’re an artist. What do you enjoy doing most?

I LOVE DIFFERENT FONTS. Inspiring people through what I’m inspired by is one of the best feelings in the world.

Do you have a particular artist you aspire to be?

No, I think you should have your own unique style because that’s what makes you, you. Your artwork should be your own, not a mimic.

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