AE Friends & Family: Meet the IT, Safety, Transport and Supply Chain Interns

AE Friends & Family: Meet the IT, Safety, Transport and Supply Chain Interns

American Eagle Outfitters welcomed 60 interns for Summer 2013. Meet nine interns currently working in IT, Safety, Transport and Supply Chain! Read on to learn more about the interns and what it’s like to work at American Eagle.



Top Row (l-r): Lauren K., Luke M., Andrew D., Evan H.
Bottom Row (l-r): Diana D., Olivia K.
Not Pictured: Bernard Y. and Stephanie S.


Why did you apply for an internship at American Eagle?

“My class did a project for the user experience (UX) team at AEO back in the fall. I knew that I had a lot to learn about UX and that AEO could give me that knowledge.” -Lauren K.

“With Pittsburgh as my hometown, I had my eye on the internship program at AE for a long time.  I heard so many great things about the company/program and knew it would be a great place to learn as an intern.” -Olivia K.


What did you hope to get out of this internship?

“I wanted real work experience. I’m from West Virginia and am in school for finance and supply chain. I thought this would be a great company to work for. So far I’ve had a great experience with interviewing and going to meetings. It’s given me a great overview of what it would be like when I have a full time job.” –Evan H.

“At the beginning I was thinking that maybe I could learn more about the cultural experience but now I’ve found that apart from the cultural experience, I have gained some technological experience for my area and my major. I think it’s very useful for my future development.” -Diana D.

“I wanted to get some real-world experience of how a distribution center works and what the retail industry is like.” -Stephanie S.


What’s something about working at American Eagle that you didn’t expect?

“It’s very laid back, a lot more than I thought. It’s a lot more comfortable. There are people that ride scooters around, but they’re still getting all their work done. It’s really fun place to work and people help you to do whatever you need to get the work done, but they still know how to have fun. It’s pretty exciting.” -Luke M.

“I wasn’t really expecting to work at American Eagle in the first place because my major has to do with safety and preventing loss. But whenever I first started with the company, I met the entire department and it surprised me how big preventing loss and emergency management is at AE because they have stores all over the world with different types of customer climates.” -Andrew D.

“I didn’t expect the accessibility of all of the associates, not matter what management level. I’ve been able to connect with top management at the DC and with management and associates in other departments within the company.” -Stephanie S.


American Eagle Outfitters' CEO Robert Hanson talks to the interns.

American Eagle Outfitters’ CEO Robert Hanson talks to the interns.


AE’s headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA—what’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the city so far?

Pirates‘ games.” –Andrew D.

“In Pittsburgh there’s so much to do. I know The Point (Point Park Fountain)  just opened up a little bit ago and that was really cool to see. Going to sporting events, going to the Pirates games. And seeing all the cultural places, like going to places like Market Square, Shadyside and all that.” –Evan H.

“I think you get a little bit of everything. You get the city experience, the cultural experience, but there are also pockets of quiet that are really nice to go to. When you go to the top of Mt. Washington at night, it’s pretty peaceful and a really nice view. If you want more excitement there are is also great night life.” -Bernard Y.


How do you “Live Your Life”?

“For me, it is to work every day and do the things that I really like. I really like swimming. After work I always go swimming.” -Diana D.

“I like to be active a lot outside of work. I don’t like to just lay around and sit in the house on the weekends. I like to go exercise after work, maybe go for a jog or something and on the weekends go fishing, go out on a boat. I like to live my life actively.” -Andrew D.

“I read and run, but not at the same time!” -Stephanie S.

“I try to stay true to myself at all times – and try not to be what I think others want me to be. A constant challenge for me!” -Lauren K.


What’s your favorite AE or Aerie item?

“My favorite AE item is a dark wash skinny jean.” –Bernard Y.

“I really like their button-down dress shirts, whatever kind.” -Andrew D.

“I really like their regular tee-shirts because they’ve got all different kinds of colors and they go with anything.” -Luke M.

“I like the dark slim fit jean because it hugs a little tighter to the leg and closer to the shoe where you can see more of the shoe rather than the boot cut.” -Evan H.

“I like colorful striped shirts and tees.” -Diana D.


Interns Luke M., Lauren K. and Diana D. at the intern farewell breakfast.

Interns Luke M., Lauren K. and Diana D. at the intern farewell breakfast.


What’s one aspect of IT, Safety, Transportation or Supply Chain that surprised you?

“In transportation, I was really surprised at how detail-oriented they are with the communication part of it, like with the Ottawa group in Kansas. There are so many different carriers. If one carton or one box is missing, there’s a whole process you have to go through to find it and relocate it.” -Evan H.

What’s been your favorite part of the internship?

“I work in IT and a lot of times people see IT as behind the scenes. That’s kind of true, but I like how everything I do directly impacts the business. We’re working with stores in China and whether I’m doing testing or translating things, something from a store in China is going to be impacted because of something I did and that’s really cool.” -Bernard Y.

“You would never believe how much chaos there can be in one day and how much goes into getting goods from other countries to the United States.” -Olivia K.


Did you receive any good advice during the internship?

“I’ve gotten so much advice from my mentor. He’s a good guy. Actually at the beginning, my position was back end web development but I  changed my position to front end development, even though I have more experience with back end. He told me some stories about his working experience, like change during work. It helped me a lot when I had to change.” -Diana D.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” -Stephanie S.

“Always try to think outside of the box first, then reign ideas in from there.” -Lauren K.


Any advice for future intern candidates?

“Know the company when you go to the interview, because they will ask you why you want to work for AE. They don’t want to hear the basic “it’s such a good company.” They want to hear something different. Make yourself stand out, research it a little. Find some interesting facts about the department you’re applying for and bring those up in the interview as well.” -Andrew D.

“Be enthusiastic. That means if there’s a networking event or talking to recruiters at the job fair or emailing recruiters just show how passionate you are about working here.” -Bernard Y.

“Always take notes and ask questions.  Everyone knows that you’re just starting to learn everything, so no question will sound stupid.  Make sure that you take notes as you are learning everything, because even if a task seems easy, it’s easy to forget when you have a lot on your plate.  You don’t want your team to have to explain the same thing multiple times.” -Olivia K.

“Be yourself! It’s okay to admit you need more clarification or you don’t understand instructions. Just be confident in your abilities and strengths and move forward.” -Stephanie S.

“Be ready to do more work than you expected at this internship. There are no go get me coffee-type projects – you’re going to be in it, working on real projects, impacting the company in a positive way.” -Lauren K.


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