AE Friends & Family: Meet the Merchandise Planning & Allocation and Finance Interns

AE Friends & Family: Meet the Merchandise Planning & Allocation and Finance Interns

American Eagle Outfitters welcomed 60 interns for Summer 2013. Meet ten interns currently working in Merchandise Planning & Allocation (MP&A) and Finance! Read on to learn more about the interns and what it’s like to work at American Eagle.


Top Row (l-r): Brooke L., Will W., Eddie M., Brandon W., Erin K.
Bottom Row (l-r): Julie H., Gauri J., Kat M., and Brianna S.
Not Pictured: Kristin D, Abby E. and Jason T.


Why did you apply for an internship at American Eagle?

“I chose to do an internship with AE because my major is finance and I have a passion for retail. I think it’s a good mix of the two.” -Brianna S.

“I applied for an internship with AE because I really liked the company culture. I thought everyone was really welcoming and I thought it would be a good opportunity.” -Kristin D.


What did you hope to get out of this internship?

I heard about the AE internship from a friend at Georgetown that completed it the previous year.  She told me about her experience and it intrigued me.  After I went to the informational meeting held at Georgetown, I knew I wanted to apply for the planning internship.” -Jason T.

“I wanted an understanding of what the retail business is like and what a job in the corporate world consists of.”  -Julie H.

“Being a finance major, I wanted to see how the numbers are integrated into a corporate retail environment.” -Erin K.



Interns Julie H., Alice F., Brooke L., Cameron B., and Brianna S.


What’s something about working at American Eagle that you didn’t expect?

I didn’t expect to be wearing jeans at work. It threw me off guard at first.” -Brandon W.

“I knew the culture was fun but it still surprises me how nice everyone is and how awesome and relaxed everyone is but also has that really good work ethic.” -Brooke L.

“The opportunity to meet a lot of people. The fact that we’re interns and we get to have open conversations with executives is pretty amazing and a great opportunity.” –Abby E.

“I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it is to speak with different people around the entire company.  I expected it to be more closed off than it is.  AE has really made an effort into putting the interns in front of a lot of different people.” -Jason T.


AE’s headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA—what’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the city so far?

I’ve really enjoyed the different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Just the way that you’re feeling, you can go to a different neighborhood and get a different experience there.”  -Brianna S.

“I really enjoyed going to the strip district for brunch at De Luca’s on the weekend and shopping at the really cool market. The Cathedral of Learning has a really cool view. And Schenley Park.”  -Kristin D.

“The coolest thing I’ve done in Pittsburgh is go to the Kenny Chesney concert.  It was a really sunny day filled with good music.”  -Jason T.


Interns Rocky C., Brooke L. and Jason T.


How do you “Live Your Life”?

I live my life by trying out new things without hesitation.  I like to experience situations that I have never been in or seen before so that I can grow as a person.  I like to travel and go to places that are more unusual.” -Jason T.


What’s your favorite AE or Aerie item?

My favorite item is the AE Denim Festival Shorties. I love that they’re frayed and high-waisted.” -Briana S.

“I just bought a new pair of brown wedges from American Eagle. They go with everything. They’re awesome.” -Kristin D.

“Their briefs are really comfortable.” -Will W.


What’s one aspect of MP&A or Finance that surprised you?

I was surprised by how closely you work with other people outside your department.” -Will W.

“I was surprised by much you use Excel and how much you work with data, numbers and reports. It’s a lot of numbers.” -Julie H.

“The amount of time that it takes to make a merchandise plan. There’s so many moving parts and it takes bringing everyone together but you have to be so organized with your time. It’s all about time management.” -Erin K.

“One aspect of the MP&A department that surprised me was how quickly decisions have to be made in order for the website to be updated.  The turnaround from deciding on a new price and the price being updated on the website is extremely fast.” -Jason T.



Interns Brooke L. and Erin K.


What’s been your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part has been meeting all of the interns and the full time workers at American Eagle and trying to integrate everyone together. I love my mentor Lindsey Y., senior inventory planner for women’s.” -Brianna S.

“Working with my mentor, Allen M., and the other people that he works with. He’s the senior merchandise planner.” -Julie H.


Did you receive any good advice during the internship?

I’ve been told numerous times to be very inquisitive and question everything and soak up as much information and get as much out of people as I can.” -Kristin D.

“Be hungry to learn.” -Brooke L.

“My mentor was an intern here and he told me to ask as many questions as possible and if there’s something I want to learn not in my department to reach out to people so I can get the most out of it.” -Gauri J.



Interns Brooke L. and Kat M.


Any advice for future intern candidates?

Show your personality, show that you’re really interested in the company and show everyone that you’re really willing to learn.” -Kristin D.

“Be yourself and don’t focus so much on resume and the fact that it’s a job and it’s an internship, focus on your passion for the fact that you want to learn more.”  -Julie H.

“My advice for the future interns is to come in ready to actually do things and not be on the sideline.  It is a fun and fast-paced internship that will fly by.” – Jason T.


To learn more about American Eagle Outfitters’ internship program, please visit

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