Meet the Cast: Conlan

Meet the Cast: Conlan

Meet Conlan, a lacrosse player from Blaine, Minnesota. When Conlan isn’t playing lacrosse, he’s long boarding or hanging with his friends. His personal mantra is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and he lives each day as positive as possible. It was rare to see Conlan without a smile on his face while on photo shoot!

Besides sports, Conlan loves music. His favorite types of music are rap and hip-hop and he has had ‘Long Live A$AP‘ by A$AP Rocky on repeat lately. To Conlan, a great song has good lyrics, a beat, and is relate-able  His favorite way to experience music is being at a concert with his friends and hearing it live.

Conlan makes his style his own by mixing it up with different pieces. His favorite way to wear his AE Shorts are in pastels or khaki, unrolled just above the knee. The one item of clothing he can’t live without? “A sweatshirt! It gets cold in Minnesota!”

Check out Conlan’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

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Twitter: @superrcoco

Instagram: @superrcoco

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