Meet the Cast: Lindsey

Meet the Cast: Lindsey

Meet Lindsey, a make-up artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Lindsey began making hair and make-up tutorials on Youtube about four years ago and hasn’t looked back. She loves the interaction from other girls commenting on her videos and asking questions. Make-up is a way for Lindsey to express herself creatively and show her personal style. During the American Eagle Outfitters Spring 2013 shoot, Lindsey even had the chance to meet one of her beauty idols, Jenna Menard, who was our lead make-up artist on set.

When Lindsey isn’t doing make-up, she is an avid runner and a star on her school’s cross country team. Running is her way to mediate and meet goals. Running is also  way to balance her artsy, free spirited side that loves wearing flowers in her hair and sketching colorful make-up looks: it appeals to her intense, driven, and competitive side.

Lindsey’s style reflects her personality – she loves a laid-back, athletic look during the week and likes to go a little more glam during the weekend. Lindsey is just as comfortable in full hair and make-up, sequined tops, and high heels as she is fresh-faced in yoga pants. Fashion is another way for Lindsey to show the world her artistic side.

Check out what Lindsey brought to Los Angeles for the Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know her and see what she can’t live a day without.

LINDSEY michelle make up artist pittsburgh pa american eagle outfitters live your life spring 2013

Take a peek inside Lindsey’s suitcase.

“When no one’s watching, I’m a crazy academic cross-country runner (which is represented by my pinny and my watch), but if you turn the camera on me, I’m a makeup artist and YouTube beauty blogger (represented by the makeup, camera, and computer keyboard). My notebook is the most indispensable item in the picture because I’m always moving a million miles a minute in every direction and a notebook helps me capture each moment before it dissipates into other tumultuous thoughts.  The two colored bracelets say “You are not invincible” and “Be quiet and think”. They serve as silent reminders about how much of an impact one decision, good or bad, can make. I describe myself mostly in metaphors. And lastly, those fringe boots and flower hair clips represent that I just seriously love fringe boots and flower hair clips!”

Follow Lindsey:

Twitter: @makemeupology

Instagram: @lindseymichellebelle

Check out Lindsey’s Pinterest board to learn more about her and see her favorite AE styles.

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