Meet the Cast: George

Meet the Cast: George

Meet George, a rugby player from East Palo Alto, CA. He grew up in Tonga around his older cousins playing rugby, and started playing as a way to bond with them and hang out with the older kids. Now George even coaches an under 8 rugby team in his hometown. His favorite rugby team is the New Zealand Blacks.

George is a little introspective and is always wanting to learn something new. He recently decided he wanted to begin taking French classes and hopes to live in Paris some day. He also wants to learn to play the violin. When George isn’t taking on a new endeavor, he loves watching romantic or dramatic movies and taking long walks. So basically, George is the ultimate ladies’ man.

George’s style fits his personality – hip and cool. It has evolved from baggy styles to a slimmer, more flattering fit. His  tattoos give his style a personal touch. George’s tattoos are mostly tribal, with mixtures of influences from different islands in Tonga.  His family is the most important thing to him, so his tattoos keep him connected even when he’s far away. “Family gives me motivation and keeps me going.”

Check out what George brought to Los Angeles for the Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know him and see what he can’t live a day without.

GEORGE pakola rugby player from east palo alto california american eagle outfitters spring 2013 live your life

Take a peek inside George’s suitcase.

“I packed the football helmet and rugby ball because those are my two favorite sports. The picture is of my mom and me, whom I love and miss so much. I packed the controller because I like to play video games, the New Zealand All Blacks jersey is important because my mom sent it to me and they are my favorite rugby team, and the earphones are because I like to listen to music.”

Follow George:

Twitter: @gpakola

Instagram: @gpakola

Check out George’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Artist: El Ten Eleven

Song: Transitions

Label: Fake Record Label

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