AE Friends & Family: Meet Kelsey W.

AE Friends & Family: Meet Kelsey W.

You may recognize Kelsey from our Back to School marketing in stores, looking cute with her boyfriend Chase, or modeling in our Fall marketing. Read below to learn more about our newest cast member, Kelsey!

Kelsey and Chase behind the scenes during the Fall 2012 shoot.

What is your background?

I grew up in a town inland of Malibu called Calabasas. I then went to college in Santa Barbara where I lived downtown with my three girlfriends. I really enjoyed my time living there because I grew up as a person and learned a lot about myself. Plus, living on the beach didn’t hurt! I recently moved back home to Calabasas, and I will be attending Woodbury University in LA in the fall. I will have my fashion marketing degree completed by the end of next year and I am very excited to see where my career will finally take me! Currently, I’m working at a boutique in Malibu called Planet Blue. I started modeling for their company four years ago, then began working in the store. Working there has taught me a lot about fashion and marketing through their company and I have really enjoyed my collaboration with them.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be to have a design position for a clothing company. Designing is a passion of mine because it bridges my interest with art and fashion.

Kelsey working at Planet Blue.

What are your favorite AE products for Fall?

I am really into printed denim right now. Since my style is typically casual, printed denim adds a bit of funkiness without overdoing it. I like to pair the AE Printed Jeggings with a basic boyfriend tee, layered with lots of jewelry.

What was it like being a part of the AE Back to School shoot with Chase? We hear they loved you so much they put you in AE clothes and photographed you two together!

I went over to Chase’s house in Newport one day to hang out and watch the shoot. I introduced myself and as soon as I walked in the door the AE team asked me if I would shoot for them. As soon as I said yes, they swooped me off in hair & makeup and we shot for the day at Chase’s house. After that day, I got asked to be a part of the AE Fall Campaign. Shooting the campaign was a fun experience with a great team of people. I also loved that I was able to experience the whole thing with my boyfriend Chase!

Kelsey and Chase relaxing on the beach.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as beachy with a twist of city girl. I typically like to put things together that are opposites to balance each piece out. For example, I like to pair a blazer with denim shorts, or a floral dress with combat boots. I feel that it is important to always play with a look and think outside the box to create your own personal style staple. Jewelry is also always a must. I love lots of rings, bracelets, and chunky necklaces.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like to find my inspiration through online blogs. Practically my whole bookmark bar is fashion and design blogs! I also have a Pinterest board that I am addicted to, constantly discovering and learning about new ideas and trends. Travel has also inspired me in many ways; not only with style, but also with the way I choose to live my life every day.

A couple of Kelsey’s favorite pieces.

What is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled?

Being a girlfriend of a professional surfer has its perks! I have gotten to travel to many beautiful places with Chase. My two favorite places I have traveled are Panama and Australia. Both places have beautiful beaches, friendly people, and a completely different lifestyle. I really think that travel is something that widens your worldview and helps you to grow as a person.

Do you have any cool hobbies or interests?

I have always enjoyed and appreciated art. I took art classes for years when I was younger and it somehow has always stuck. I am a creative person and I enjoy expressing it through drawing, painting, and designing. Having a love for art definitely connects my passion for fashion and style.

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