Meet the People: Sammy

Meet the People: Sammy

Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling each cast member from the Live Your Life campaign. The blog posts were written & photos were captured by Leanne F., who traveled with the crew during the shoot to document the experience.

Sammy at home during the Live Your Life shoot.

After an hour ride out of Manhattan, we arrived very early in the morning to an amazing old gym where Sammy likes to practice basketball that she said was her favorite place to hang out. Dance and rap music was blasting out of the speakers and a couple friends were playing basketball – sure seemed like a good hang out to me. Sammy has been playing basketball since she was in the first grade and was even on the Rosie O’Donnell Show as a kid because she was the only girl on  the little league football team!  Sammy just got drafted to play in the WNBA to play for the Phoenix Mercury. We are in the midst of a celebrity here! Pretty amazing. Judging by her bedroom, she is definitely living her dream. Her walls are filled with pictures of famous basketball players and inspirational posters.

Sammy’s inspirations on her bedroom wall.

Sammy is so sweet and she makes me want to be more active. I even grabbed a basketball and tried to beat the Creative Directors at a game of ball.  After some time at the gym, we went back to Sammy’s house, where her mom greeted us with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Sammy loves sweets, and judging by the empty tray of cookies, so does the crew! Luckily we worked the cookie calories off playing basketball and dancing all day.

A behind the scenes photo from Sammy’s Live Your Life shoot.

Watch below to learn more about Sammy:

Get to know Sammy and see some of her favorite AE styles on our Pinterest board.

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