Meet the People: Dez

Meet the People: Dez

Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling each cast member from the Live Your Life campaign. The blog posts were written & photos were captured by Leanne F., who traveled with the crew during the shoot to document the experience.

Dez takes a break from shooting for a slice of pizza.

Dez moved from LA to LA a few months ago…. Louisiana to Los Angeles, that is! He is a Southern boy following his dream of singing and songwriting. Dez was so nice – all smiles, all the time and he was such a good sport when we took him outside to throw a football around.

Dez wowed us with his football skills.

Dez attended Yale and was a quarterback for the Bulldogs. Dez and our CMO Michael must have thrown the ball around for over 2 hours. I have to say, I was impressed with both of their arms. The school kids waiting for the bus while we were shooting kept heckling us to get Dez to throw them the ball but he continued to be carefree and relaxed, amused at the school kids attempts to join in the fun. We had such a great day with our new All-American Friend Dez. He is such a renaissance man, from piano to guitar, writing to football. He was so nice, so patient, and a very good sport!

Watch below to learn more about Dez:


Check out our Dez Pinterest Board to get Dez’s favorite AE looks and see some of his favorite things.

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