Fall Outfits for Guys: Flannels

It’s no secret that fall is here, bringing cooling temps, the anticipation of the holidays, and the return of your favorite shirt of all time – the flannel shirt. Designed with super-soft fabric in bold prints, flannels know a thing or two about keeping you warm and on-trend this season.

But if you’re already running out of ideas for this season’s must-have layer, check out how to wear a flannel with your fave AE jeans, and why we’re so into them right now.


Simple Flannel Outfit Ideas

Tired of the same old flannel look every time you wear one? We’ve got you covered with different options like these:

  • Roll up the sleeves for a casual, laid-back vibe.
  • Button up flannel allll the way up for a put-together, buttoned-up look (literally).
  • Wear your flannel with a graphic tee underneath rep what you love.
  • Layer on a Sherpa jacket or puffer coat for a look that’s all about comfort.
  • Go old school by wearing your flannel tied around your waist for a bit of ‘90s ‘tude.

AE Men's Flannel

Soft Fabrics + Bold Designs

Now that you’re set with some styling inspo, we can dive into why we’re so into this season’s flannels – they’re insanely, unbelievably soft, and they come in trend-forward colors and designs.

AE Men's Flannel

Seriously Soft Flannels

Flannels are there for you every time you need an easy, on-the-go layer. And since we only make ‘em in super-soft fabrics, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

AE Men's Flannel

Plaids, Solids, and More

Flannel does not have to mean plaid. Shocking, we know. But AE flannels come in all kinds of designs – including that classic plaid you know and love, plus bold solid colors, too. Change up your flannel style by going for a solid color, a flannel-lined denim jacket, or a flannel hooded shirt.



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Fall Must-Haves: 3 Ways to Wear Sherpa

If you haven’t noticed yet, sherpa is showing up everywhere this season. Like really, everywhere – from the bleachers at the big game to the hallways at school, from local fall festivals to your daily commute. Sherpa – that OMG so soft, holy moly cozy, fuzzy fabric you love – is better than ever this year.

Looking for ways to wear sherpa jackets, hoodies, pullovers, and sweatshirts this fall? Check out these three awesome outfits handpicked by our stylists.


Athletic Twist:

Sherpa Hoodie & Corduroy Skirt

AE Sherpa Hoodie

Corduroy and sherpa? Could there be a better combo? We think not. Wear a soft sherpa hoodie with a high-waisted corduroy skirt to mix fabrics and play up textures. Choose a striped print to add even more dimension, and wear the fit with sneakers for an athletic twist.


Comfort Queen:

Sherpa Pullover & Mom Jeans

AE Sherpa Pullover

Make sure you’re ready for every outing in corduroy Mom jeans and a sherpa pullover. Designed with a quarter zip-neck and bold prints, sherpa pullovers are all about easy style. Wear them with Mom jeans and you’ve got the trifecta of cool – sherpa, Mom jeans, AND corduroy.


Cozy Grunge:

Sherpa Denim Jacket & Printed Jeggings

AE Sherpa Denim Jacket

You thought prints were done? Think again. Start with trend-forward printed Curvy jeans, then layer on a band tee with a sherpa-lined denim jacket to add cozy, grungy vibes. Complete the look with booties and a studded belt and you’re set with a look that’s ready for a concert or a haunted hay ride.


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Keep It Simple: 3 Fall Outfits for Guys

A great cold-weather outfit doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes all you need is a t-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans or joggers, and an extra layer for warmth. Looking for some layering season inspiration? Check out these laid-back fall outfits, featuring your fave t-shirts and tops from American Eagle.


Outfit #1: T-Shirts on T-Shirts

What’s better than one t-shirt? How ‘bout two? For this look, layer a long sleeve tee under a short sleeve graphic t-shirt to make sure you’re warm and comfy when temps drop. Rep what’s important to you with graphic t-shirts like band tees, pop culture t-shirts, NBA t-shirts, and more.

AE Men's T-Shirts

Complete the look with a baseball hat and AirFlex jeans designed with lightweight flexibility and comfort.


Outfit #2: Work Style

This outfit’s all about versatility, whether you’re heading to class or chilling with friends. Start with a short sleeve t-shirt in your favorite color then balance out the look with slim jeans that show off your shoes and a bright work shirt in corduroy, this season’s “it” fabric, for a pop of color.

AE Men's T-Shirts

Outfit #3: Button Up Your Look

Start this look with a basic t-shirt in your favorite shade, then throw on a seriously soft flannel shirt in a complementary print for a layered look that’s super-simple and comfy. Flannels are never a bad choice this time of year – make sure to keep one handy for all those bonfires, hay rides and harvest fests you’re hitting up.

AE Men's T-Shirts

Wanna keep the comfy vibes going? Pair your tee with fleece joggers in a neutral tone. Designed with super-soft fleece and the tapered look that goes with all your sneakers, AE joggers are all about function and comfort.



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Fall Faves: Corduroy

We’ve got big news. Corduroy, your favorite classic, textured fabric, is back and better than ever this season. And while you might be thinking corduroy is too old school for you, think again. We’ve updated this iconic, vintage-inspired fabric to make it super comfy and cool.

If you’re already on board with this throwback style, check out the corduroy collection to find your next fave fit! But if you’re cord-curious, read on to see why we can’t stop talking about this “it” fabric in this season’s must-have designs!

AE Corduroy

Super Soft Fabrics

One of the biggest updates to AE’s corduroy is its ability to stretch, flex, and move with you. Adding stretch to our corduroy makes it comfy enough to keep up with all the moves you’re making this season. Plus, the touchably soft texture means you can keep cozy while lookin’ good.

AE Corduroy

Stay Golden Hues

Make an impression in super-soft corduroy in rich fall hues worth repeating all season long. Choose pastels to lighten your look or deeper, darker colors for a bolder vibe. And if you’re feeling daring, branch out with prints like stripes, plaid, and camouflage that go with your fave fall shirts and tops.

AE Corduroy

How to Wear Corduroy

When it comes to rocking corduroy, there are no rules. This vintage style lets you shape your look the way you want. With styles including Mom jeans, a high-waisted skirt, and corduroy overalls, the options go way beyond basics! Wondering what to wear with your cord bottoms? Complete your look with fall essentials like striped sweaters, fuzzy Sherpa hoodies and sweatshirts, and cropped cardigans.



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Styled by You: Fall Outfits We’re Into

We just gotta say. You’ve got style.

Whether you’re throwing on a last-minute outfit before class or getting dressed for a day out with friends (hello, harvest festivals and pumpkin patches), you know how to put an outfit together. Read on to see how others are wearing the latest fall must-haves, and to get some layering season style inspo!

Fall Prints? Yes, Please.

You might’ve already heard about how we’re all about fall prints right now, but if you haven’t, here’s the deal. Prints. Are. BACK! Choose from fall faves like argyle, plaid, houndstooth, stripes, and more in all the brightly colored hues that’ll remind you of falling leaves and pumpkins. Wear them up top in styles like striped sweaters and oversized cardigans, or wear them on the bottom with printed jeggings and plaid joggers.

Statement-Making Layers

Want to make your look pop even more this season? Add a layer as you head out the door. Grab a flannel shirt and throw it on over a band t-shirt for a grunge-inspired look, or choose a soft cardigan in a crisp color to take a little bit of autumn with you wherever you go. Choose a fleece or Sherpa pullover in stand-out prints like leopard and subdued tie dye to take soft to the next level.

Ripped (and Repaired) Jeans

What goes best with all these fall prints and layers? Ripped jeans, of course. Distressed jeans can range from all-out destruction with big, ripped knee holes to lightly frayed hems, ripped and repaired holes, and patches. And if you thought light wash jeans were only for summer, think again. Wear this year-round style with boots and sneakers to bring it into the current season.



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Now that it’s October, it’s officially time to start figuring out your Halloween plans… What parties to hit up, where to find the best spooky treats, and whether or not to finally commit to that inflatable T-Rex suit.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a comfortable, low-key costume you can put together with stuff already in your closet. Something fun and festive you can wear to work or class or wherever you’ll be before meeting up with friends.

That’s the vibe we’re going for this year, so we asked the AE team to come up with some easy, creative costumes for you to recreate or to inspire your unique Halloween look. Boo yah!


Look 1: Happy Hippie

AE Halloween Idea: Happy Hippie

Candice – Associate Web Designer

Any costume that incorporates your favorite jeans is an automatic winner. Those flares you’ve been loving were made with flower child vibes in mind, so you’ll need only a few more pieces to finish this look. Layer on a couple of your flowiest tops (the more prints, the better!), slip on some Birks, and you’ll be feelin’ groovy.


Look 2: Hip Lumberjack

AE Halloween Idea: Hip Lumberjack

Isaiah – Inbound Operations Analyst

Not all superheroes wear capes, and not all lumberjacks wear plaid. Layered with a hoodie, your favorite solid flannel fits perfectly with that whole rugged and rustic vibe. A pair of suspenders, whatever jeans you’re already wearing (are you noticing a trend here?), plus some work boots, and you’ve got yourself a costume!


Look 3: Modern Angel

AE Halloween Idea: Modern Angel

Chloe – Brand Coordinator

Keep your look light and pretty with a tonal take on the Halloween theme. You can DIY your own halo, but all you REALLY need is a fluttery white top, your go-to sneakers, and that bleached-out pair of high-waisted jeggings you lived in all summer. As if you needed an excuse to wear white jeans after Labor Day, lol.


Look 4: Dapper Penguin

AE Halloween Idea: Dapper Penguin

Sam – Brand Coordinator

Play it cool with a fresh take on everyone’s favorite flightless bird. Skip the tux in favor of dark jeans with a white shirt and black vest combo. Dress it up with a bow tie and gloves, and go for a chill, dramatic effect with just a touch of face paint. It IS Halloween, after all.


Look 5: Classic Cowgirl

AE Halloween Idea: Classic Cowgirl

Olivia – Email Coordinator

Jeans, plaid shirt, denim jacket, and some boots or booties! Chances are, you have all or most of these things in your closet already. The hat may complete the look, but the way you style everything else is what makes this classic costume fresh and unique to you.


Look 6: Neutral Bear

AE Halloween Idea: Neutral Bear

Shane – Associate Brand Manager

Sure, you could just do the face paint and bear ears with any old outfit, but leaning into the theme with a head-to-toe tonal look really takes things up a notch. Layer on whatever neutrals you feel best in and throw on a fun accessory to set everything off.