Get Outside in Style with Tailgate’s National Park Tees

There’s nothing quite like visiting a National Park and taking in all the iconic views, whether it’s your first visit to a national park or something a little closer to home like the state park you’ve been to a million times.

And if you’re wondering what to wear to a National Park or how to celebrate your fave outdoor oasis this summer, look no further. With these fresh summer styles, you’ll never run out of ideas.

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Bright & Bold Graphic Tees

Sure, when you’re planning to visit a National Park you need to make sure you’ve got the essentials (backpack to carry supplies, water bottle, bug spray, check!). But you also want to make sure you feel good about your rugged, outdoors style. Just pack your favorite Tailgate Great Outdoors t-shirt and you’re set to show off your love of the great outdoors while taking in the sights.

Super-Soft Materials

Tailgate’s graphic t-shirts are designed with rich colors and vibrant graphics so fellow nature lovers can tell what you’re all about. The super-soft materials, bright shades, and vintage washes make these shirts a must-have, whether you’re trekking the mountains or dreaming of your next adventure.

Graphics for Every Getaway 

National Park t-shirts feature classic scenes from across the U.S. so wherever you go, you can show your love by packing a tee that represents the park you’re visiting: Grand Canyon, Olympic National Park, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, the Smoky Mountains, Redwood National Parks & more. 



Denim Shorts to Complete the Look

Once you’ve picked a National Park t-shirt or two for your trip, make sure to pack jean shorts in fresh, summery washes.



Rugged Styles for Him 

Men’s shorts come in so many different lengths and styles, so you can always find an option you love. But for showing off your rugged, outdoors style, you can’t go wrong with jean shorts. Cutoffs are a tried-and-true classic, and with so many new colors and washes, you can always find a pair that feels like YOU.



High-Waisted & Mom Shorts for Her

For all your outdoor adventures, high-waisted short shorts are the way to go These women’s denim shorts are basically made for your next National Park roadtrip. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! Another option to pair with your National Parks graphic tee is the mom short, which takes the cool, relaxed fit of the Mom jeans you love, and turns them into shorts. With new colors and washes available all the time, you’ll never run out of options for your next outdoor getaway.

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4th of July Weekend Packing List

Prep for the long weekend ahead with this 4th of July weekend packing list! Designed to give you some long weekend getaway inspo, this list is all inclusive – made for days at the pool, an afternoon at a bbq, a road trip with friends, anything you’ve got planned for the weekend ahead.

Red, White & Blue AE Shorts Outfit

1. Summer’s Best Shorts

We know how it goes – you pack dozens of outfit options for your weekend away and in reality, you end up rotating the same shirt + short combos throughout the weekend. And there’s no shame in that! The first thing to pack is a couple pairs of tried-and-true shorts. For guys, this means starting with shorts that go with literally everything. Yes, we mean jean shorts. Vary your look a little with some workwear shorts in rich colors, then trade out your tops to create the look you want. For girls, this means packing your favorite goes-with-anything fits. Denim shorts and khaki shorts are always a good choice, and with finishing details like distressing, frayed hems, paperbag waists & all the best hues, you can’t go wrong.

Red, White & Blue AE Women's Shorts

2. Red, White & Blue Tops

Once you have the foundation of your weekend outfits picked out – move on to tops that go with anything and feel good whether you’re lounging around or on the move. Bring a couple shirts that go with your jean shorts, and a couple that match your khaki shorts too so you can change up your look easily. For girls, this could mean packing your favorite summer shirts like crop tops and graphic tees, and for guys this could mean versatile tops like button up shirts and t-shirts that were made for grilling and chilling, late night adventures and bonfires. Choose tops in your favorite red, white and blue designs and you’re

REd, White & Blue AE Women's Tops

3. Goes-With-Anything Finishing Touches

When it’s time to think about what’s left on your weekend packing list, start thinking of what you’re up to. Going to be outside all day at a backyard party? Make sure you pack sunglasses and a baseball hat to keep the sun at bay. Have a concert coming up? Bring your fave crossbody bag and hair accessories to make sure you’re ready for everything. Planning on jumping into the pool after a long day? Pack your favorite swimsuits from Aerie and American Eagle. Finish out your summer vibes with accessories like sunglasses, sandals, hats, floats & other must-have summer accessories and you’re set for all your 4th of July weekend plans.



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