No scare don’t care… our top 10 Halloween traditions

Happy Halloween! In our opinion, today is the most fun day of the year (and obviously the scariest). We’ve rounded up 10 of the top Halloween traditions for you… so we hope you’re ready to get spooked.


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Read Christine by Stephen King
There’s a ton of Halloween-ready lore out there, and Stephen King is its master. While Christine might be considered tame by some (or, okay, most), this tale of a car that comes to life and kills everyone in its wake is still pretty terrifying. (And now we have absolutely no desire to ever name our cars again.)

Eat Halloween Themed Treats
Type “Halloween food” into Pinterest and you’ll have your pick of scary goodness to choose from. We had a tough time deciding on our favorite treat, but we ended up going with Boo Sushi… because how on earth are you going to be able to come up with something more creative than sushi rolls topped with body parts?

Download The Zombie Me App
Especially suited to those who love The Walking Dead, but come on… anyone can have a little (too much) fun turning their normal, everyday pictures into scary zombified creatures. It’s pretty much the best reason to take a selfie today.

Watch Scary Horror Movies
Whether you hide under a blanket on the couch or brave the theater, there is absolutely no better time to watch a scary movie than on Halloween night. There are a few new releases to choose from this year, but we’re going with Annabelle… because there’s really nothing more frightening than a doll connected to the supernatural. (And while this movie has been banned in parts of France, we’re not too scared to watch it. We think.)

Watch Campy Horror Movies
If you’re in the mood to laugh more than scream this Halloween, you HAVE to watch Hocus Pocus. The cult classic stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy as three witches who come back from the dead to terrorize a small, sleepy town. While you probably won’t be too scared by this movie, it’s still definitely a must see.

Do The “Thriller” Dance
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is at the top of every Halloween music playlist, and for good reason. The music video is one of the best of all time, in large part to the infamous dance sequence. Get ready to bust a move.

Carve A Pumpkin
What would Halloween be without pumpkin carving? It’s the best way to show off your artistic skills (or, okay, how all you can do is cut triangles for eyes). Be sure to scoop out the seeds and roast them, too (we recommend doing so with a bit of garlic olive oil and a pinch of sea salt).

Go On A Hayride
Bundle up, drink some cider and grab your friends for a hayride on a crisp fall night. Bonus points if it’s through a haunted graveyard.

Wear A Costume
This one might be obvious, but we’re including it anyway… because Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a costume. Think beyond the typical cat, witch or ghost this year by dressing up like your favorite celebrities.

Visit A Haunted House
This is hands down one of our favorite annual traditions. Getting spooked is, yes, scary… but isn’t that the point? Just be sure you’re ready to scream.

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7 things we love…

Welcome to this week’s edition of 7 Things We Love! Get inspired by all the things inspiring US right now, from what we’re reading and eating to what we’re wearing and listening to. Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments—and give us yours, too!


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The bold geometric design and metallic embellishments make this tote the one we’re grabbing for everything from beach vacays to brunch dates. It’s just roomy enough to hold all our essentials, but designed in a subtly flat silhouette that doesn’t overwhelm you.

There is just nothing more refreshing in the summer than a big glass of ice cold lemonade. But we’re taking ours to the next level by combining it with green tea, honey and sprigs of mint. The result? The beverage you won’t be able to stop drinking for the rest of the summer.

What if you had the opportunity to decide whether you stayed on Earth… or left it behind? 17-year-old cellist, Mia, is in a car accident with her family that, impossibly enough, leaves her this choice. What follows is a beautiful, heartwrenching story about love, loss and the difficult choices we all have to make in our lives. Be sure to read this book before the movie, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, comes out on August 22.

We’ve been excited about this movie since we first heard that it was filming. Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen (AKA Mary Kate & Ashley’s sister) star as two girls in NYC who make a pact to lose their virginity during their first summer out of high school… and then both fall for the same guy. We bet we’ll beat you to the concession stand.

If hand painting, sci-fi/fantasy/adventure and iPad games aren’t your thing, maybe the fact that this one is voiced by Elijah Wood and Jack Black will make you take a second look. The gamer in us is pretty excited to play this one.

LA-based Goldroom combines emotive choruses, soulful rhythms and lush electronic ornaments to create a sound that’s somehow a throwback to the 90’s with a totally modern feel. The lyrics of this song, which features Chela, really speak for themselves: “It’s been a long time, wondering why/the summer smells like sin and wonder/Feels like it got inside of a place and time/I dream about when I get a walk in”

From the world acclaimed San Diego Zoo to Legoland, there’s a little something for everyone in the balmy paradise that is San Diego. Plus the weather is pretty darn awesome, pretty much all the time. (Okay, okay… and we can’t help but think of Will Ferrell talking about how San Diego’s name came to be in Anchorman.)

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7 things we love…

Welcome to this week’s edition of 7 Things We Love! Get inspired by all the things inspiring US right now, from what we’re reading and eating to what we’re wearing and listening to. Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments—and give us yours, too!


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Summer’s hottest tops are a little rock ‘n roll inspired (and a whole lot of awesome). Right now we’re especially loving this Muscle T-Shirt from our brand-new Don’t Ask Why collection, which fuses the effortless street style of New York, L.A. and Milan with festival-inspired edge.Wear it with soft shorties, like we’ve styled it here, or try it with jeggings or a maxi skirt.

Did you know that grilling and roasting fruit helps bring out its natural sweetness? Well, it does… and right now we’re obsessed with adding grilled strawberries to Greek yogurt and granola for a healthy yet totally sweet treat.

Whether this was/is required reading for you in school or you just pick it up for fun, this book is a must-read. Lowry’s book was at the forefront of the YA dystopic craze, and for good reason… her story centers around Jonas, who lives in a community in the future where everything has become controlled to the point of Sameness. After receiving the position of The Receiver for the community, Jonas goes on a gripping path of self discovery. Read the book now before the movie (featuring one of our current #MCMs, Brenton Thwaites) comes out in August.

Okay, it hasn’t premiered yet (it starts on June 27). But in the meantime, we’re obsessively watching (and rewatching) the trailer featuring our favorites, Cory and Topanga. (And we might just be watching old episodes of Boy Meets World to get even more excited.) We’re really hoping this show lives up to our expectations.

Simply put? Jimmy Fallon is killing it as the new(ish) head of The Tonight Show. We watch every clip he posts on YouTube and laugh uproariously at every one, from his Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone to the celebrity photobomb he did with Jon Hamm. We can’t wait to see what happens every night.

A combination of disco, electronic, electro and synthpop sounds like it might be a little overwhelming… but in the case of Heartbreak, the duo of Ali Renault and Sebastian Muravchix, it somehow works. You won’t be able to keep from dancing to the beat of this track, which feels like a mix of 80’s pop with current electro pop.

Did you know that Saturday is the longest day of the year? That’s why we’re heading to Seattle, where we’ll have our pick of the Fremont Fair, Solstice Parade and the first ever Solstice Concert Series. We also can’t wait to check out the different boutiques, nightlife and the restaurant scene. Oh, and we’ll probably be picking up a few of our favorite Starbucks lattes.

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Music Monday: Remembering Coachella

Coachella might be the biggest music event in North America. It boasts chart-topping names and celebrity guests from A-list to Z. It’s, like, bigger than big. So big, in fact, that tix sold out in less than three days. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that most of you didn’t grab one in time – or couldn’t afford one for that matter – and  give you a recap of what you did and didn’t miss.


Not gonna lie, Coachella is mad fun. But it’s also in the middle of the desert, which is probably only fun for lizards and such. So yeah, it was about 95 degrees, on the low. And we had to walk, a lot. We walked from the parking lots to security checkpoint number 1, then number 2, then 3 – wait, were there 3 checkpoints? Not sure, but the Coachella security team kinda put the TSA to shame. Plus, they all wore black suits like they were in the secret service, which they very well may have been.

When you’re moving through that pilgrimage from your car to the grounds you get caught up in the Coachella flow. You’re surrounded by girls in cut-off denim shorts, dudes without shirts on, flower crowns, bikinis and dusty flip-flops. It’s at once the best and worst people watching you could possibly imagine. Turn your head in one direction and you’re admiring the way some girl pulled off the oft-worn fringe trend; turn the other way and you get a feather headdress in your face. But it’s basically a win/win so long as you have a sense of humor and a curiosity for clothes.

Once in, the first thing we typically would need was some sort of beverage. Coachella secret service makes you dump out all your water bottles to get in – as if we’re not sweating our butts off in the middle of the desert or anything. But once some water was procured we’d set out to take in some music, which is why everyone’s there, right? Not for the photo-ops, right?

Musically speaking, this year’s Coachella might have been the biggest yet. People probably say that every year, but seriously though, this year was the biggest.  Outkast came out of retirement for it. Nas used it as a platform to launch the deluxe reissue of his seminal “Illamatic” LP. Muse ended their world tour there. Pharrell brought out Gwen Stefani to cover “Hollaback Girl” with him. Beyoncé, Jay-Z, T.I., Usher, Snoop Dog, Janelle Monae – when it comes to surprise appearances, the list goes on and on and on. There was even a moment in Arcade Fire’s Weekend 2 performance when they tricked the crowed into thinking that they brought Daft Punk out to do a cover of Lucky with them. It was just a cute way to play with the yearly rumor that the masked musicians actually will show up to grace a stage at Coachella. Arcade Fire, you guys are so witty.

Megastars aside, Coachella 2014 boasted the most diverse lineup to date. Not only was the mashup-man, Girl Talk, on the main stage this year, but EDM had a huge presence across the board with the Sahara tent and the club-esque Yuma tent. Veterans like Fatboy Slim and Cajmere offered hit-filled sets to the aging ravers while young’uns GTA, Flosstradamus and Anna Lunoe all delivered stellar sets to a sea of raised hands and fist pumps.

Speaking of Anna Lunoe, this year’s Coachella lineup offered a deep list of female talent. From Lorde to Lana del Ray to the eccentric techno queen, Nicole Moudaber, the ladies rocked stages and decks just as well as the guys – if not better. We wish we could express just how hard Haim rocked on the first weekend in a sentence. But alas, only so much can be conveyed through a blog.

That being said, it was hard to catch everything that we wanted to see. We wished for cloning technology on the daily. Like, how were we supposed to rave to Martin Garrix and get nostalgic with The Replacements at the same time?! Our lives were so hard, you guys. You don’t even know. We wish you were there, or maybe you were. Regardless, let’s get to work on that cloning technology so we can conquer Coachella even better next year. See ya then!

Signing off –

Kate M.

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