Trekker Shorts Outfitting 101

Prep to head back to school with three key outfits, all featuring our must-have Trekker Shorts. These shorts are THE most comfy jogger shorts made with a drawstring elastic waistband and upgraded with soft, lightweight twill for cutting-edge comfort that’s equal parts stretch and structure.

Outfit #1: Shorts + Denim Jacket + Hoodie

american eagle denim jacket, hoodie, and jogger shorts

Sometimes that just-right outfit starts at the bottom, which in this case means Trekker Jogger Shorts made with Lived-In fabric that’s been specially washed and broken-in for instant comfort. Pick a neutral pull-on short in navy or black, then add a pop of personality up top with a hoodie in a fun color like pink or green.

Need an extra layer for chilly beach nights? Throw a denim jacket over the hoodie, then round out the ‘fit with bright white sneakers and a baseball hat.

Outfit #2: Shorts + Graphic Tee + Button-Up Shirt

Start this outfit with a bold graphic tee featuring your favorite band, team, or pop culture icon, then add a printed button-up shirt. Keep the shirt unbuttoned for a laid-back look, or button it allll the way up for a “meeting the parents” vibe.

Choose a light color Trekker Jogger Short and wear it with sandals to keep your look relaxed but confident.

Outfit #3: Shorts + T-Shirt + Flannel Hoodie

american eagle flannel hoodie, graphic tee, and jogger shorts

News flash, flannel isn’t just for fall and winter. Choosing a flannel hoodie made with super-soft lightweight fabric means you can layer it up how you want, especially on cool summer nights. Wear it over a graphic tee and with khaki Trekker Shorts and Birkenstocks for an easy-does-it style.

Like the look and feel of Trekker shorts but want more coverage? Try Trekker Joggers, their full-length jogger counterpart made with the same comfortable fabric and clean look.

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